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Friday, August 4 - 2000
Help Mariah!
Hi. These are places you HAVE TO (Yes, have, and if you don't I'm gonna tell Mariah about it) visit and support Mariah at!

Mariah is now in the lead in the VH1 survey, good work guys! Vote again at: POLL: 25 SEXIEST ARTISTS
Lovely girl Moni writes:
there is a poll about Mariah on Ed the Sock's section of His page is at
Vote YES in the poll to let people know you'd watch a movie starring Mariah Carey!
Raphael writes:
Please go to THIS LINK and vote for the videos "Mariah's Theme" & "Against All Odds".
This video show is very popular in Australia and it would sure help Mariah.
Please request more than once...BUT...remember to delete your cookies.
Please request Mariahs song Can't Take That Away at this radio DJ emails:
Visit a new Mariah promotion site made by Jen! CLICK HERE TO VISIT!

And lastly, don't forget to vote at Mariah on the Global 100 chart. She is doing great. This site is also doing good, I think it is top 50 in the homepage section! So vote for this site as well. Here is the link:

That's it! If you know more places to vote, please tell me.

Friday, August 4 - 2000
Various news
Today I'm leaving for a few days, so there will be no more news meanwhile. But please keep mailing me news anyway. Here is what I got today:

Ryan mails me saying that against all odds with westlife is available on Napster. I looked but could not find it! If you do, please mail it to me at once, thanx.

Mail from Kelly!
I just wanted to ask you that, have you noticed that after Mariah carey became a cartoon in her "Heartbreaker"video, other artists have done the same thing. Like Toni braxton in her "He wasn't man enough" video. Madonna in her "Music" video(by the way it was the worst video and song I ever seen) But there cartoon is more shape. Anyways just thought I would bring it up.

Nope, I only saw the Mariah cartoon, which I adore!

Do you want to see something extremly special that you wont believe? Then take alook at my dear friend Lisas Mariah Room, it just updated!
Click here to visit.

Today a logo I made is the newspage on another big Mariah 4 site, click here to see it. (Regina Wildcat is my new girlfriend.)

Åsa, from Sweden(!) writes:
här är en link till shania twains skivbolags lista över alla sånger hon skrivit och registrerat: ganska många av dom är aldrig utgivna, och bland dom finns en som heter 'Sing Mariah'. Jag vet inte om den handlar om Mariah Carey eller vinden Mariah (finns det en sådan?), men jag tyckte att det var interessant i alla fall.

Oops, that was in swedish.. Okay, anyway, she says that did you know that Shania Twain has written a song called "Sing Mariah"? Pretty cool! I don't think she has recorded it though, but it is in the BMI (association for songwriters) database as her song.

Another mail (I love getting mail, send me more!)
Hi!! I'm Cintia from Brazil and here are some screencaptures from Mariah's performance on a local tv show called Faustão last november when she came here that I've made and a transcript from the brazilian MTV interview. Hopefully tomorrow I'll make some more.

MTV: You're here ( in Brazil ) to promote Rainbow and also with Luis Miguel, he's touring here in South America. How does your love life interfere in your career?
MC: I would say, at this point of my life, it's very positive and it inspired a lot of really beautiful songs on this album. And someone said to me, and they pointed that to me, and I hadn't even realized that this is the first album that I've made that has like a happy song at the end. Every other album there's like a miserable song. There are some of those deep depressing songs in this album, that if you are not a fan of mine, you wouldn't know those type of songs that I sing but I have them.

MTV: How did you have the idea for the song TGIFY ?
MC: How I had the idea for the song TGIFY...I had the melody and I kept wondering how I was gonna do it, who I was gonna finish it with.I felt like it needed a big group sound, more than just a duet. So Joe and I laid our vocals down and then we called 98° and asked them to be a part of it.and that's how it came about. I liked it because it's like a different collaboration; it's like one huge group.

MTV: When are you going to make a concert here ?
MC: I'd love to come to Brazil for a show tomorrow, but unfortunately I have to do a lot of other stuff, you know, now that I just put out this album.And the reason I don't tour as much as other people is because I put out more albums than people who've been around ten years longer than me. is because I put out an album every single year. So, in a way, because I write and produce all my records and do everything myself it takes more time than other people who just go and sing, then they tour and everybody else kind of does the work for them, which is great, but I can't do that, and I think that's why my fans appreciate what I do. So hopefully after I do the movie "All that Glitters" I will come and tour, but I don't think there's time, if there is I will definitely be here ( we here in Brazil are still waiting. ).

MTV: Where do you get inspiration for your songs from ?
MC: Sometimes my lyrics are inspired by personal experiences... more now than in the past, because in the past I had to make up scenarios , in fact. But now, a lot of the things are inspired by my life, and they always have...and I guess especially now.

MTV: What do you think about people saying that you've changed in the past couple of years ?
MC: I've changed so much less than other people out there who change their image every other week and have a new color hair. I mean, basically I look the same, it's just that now I'm free to be myself, wear what I wanna wear. In the beginnig when started I was very young and people had a lot of control over me and wanted me to be preceived as this untouchable diva who just stood on the stage and sang in a long dress. You know, or stood in a field with a shirt buttomed up to here. But that's not I mean, that's a part of me. But being able to wear what I wanna wear and do what I wanna do is a much more creatively inspiring thing... and, basically, if you like me, you like me, if you don't you're never going to... so eat, drink, dance, whatever.

Gina Jashewski sent in a drawing of Mariah. Do you make drawings? Send them to me:

The last picture is a great cover one sent in by Nacho:

Thursday, August 3 - 2000
Cool review of a Mariah concert.
Jen found this review from a photographer of the Boston concert, complete with pictures:

Mariah Carey Concert Review
April 13, The Fleet Center, Boston, MA By Steven Tackeff

Mariah Carey's publicized bout with food poisoning didn't affect the way she looked or performed at this concert. Her voice was terrific, and she looked great.

Her show started with a 10-minute video presentation splashed on a huge screen. It showed Mariah duking it out with her evil alter-ego. Honestly, it was the worst video presentation I have ever seen. It was a bad knock-off of the James-Bond-girl that she portrays in one of her music videos.

But after the video, came the smiles. That is one thing Mariah has mastered. She was very sincere in welcoming her fans to the show. It's been six years since her last tour, and Mariah beamed with excitement.

Mariah's voice is, has been, and always will be perfect. She can belt out a tune with the best, and sing the smoothest ballads. She has amazing strength, and once you hear her voice, you don't want the song to end.

Her original April 4 show in Boston was rescheduled after she got sick in Atlanta after eating bad oysters. She went on to perform in Atlanta (and then spent two days in a Boston hospital), but this show and a Toronto show had to be rescheduled.

The show was run pretty tightly, and Mariah's publicist only let photographers shoot for one song (normally two or three is the norm). And they made the photographers (six of us) stand 35 rows back and didn't let us move, which meant we had to use big lenses and lots of other equipment to ensure a clear shot.

A tight and challenging situation, but Mariah's sweet voice helped smooth away the rough edges of the night.

Thursday, August 3 - 2000
Please wish this girl all the best!!!
Elin who has the fantastic site Mariah Online is having an operation today, please do me a big favour and send her a get well and a good luck mail!! Or card or something! Okay? Here is the mail:

Thursday, August 3 - 2000
Song contest!

This is an idea I have been thinking about a while now, a MariahVision Song Contest. So far this is what I have figured:
People who want to take part sings parts of Mariahs song Hero and sends it to me in MP3. Then I will try to have those soundfiles somewhere so people can vote for their favourites. The problems here is that not many people know how to record songs on the computer, but I will have a technical advisor to help you with all your problems! And there would be different categories, so even people who don't sound like Mariah could win, the categories could be like:

  • Best performance
  • Funniest performance
  • Please shut up already performance

    And maybe some more category. Is anyone interested in taking part? Because I don't know if you are, you have to mail to me and say if it's a good idea or not. The mail is If any other Mariah site is interested in sponsoring and promoting the MariahVision Song Contest please let me know.

  • Thursday, August 3 - 2000
    Various news!
    Okay, not much Mariah news in fact! So I'm struggling here, send me some =) Here are some cool things though:

    Nikki from the site found something cool, so much beauty in one picture! But hey... is that the same dress? Yes, seems like it.

    My friend Photo and animation chop Nacho made a really cool animation for Mariah's Diary. I don't know where to put it yet, because maybe people will get annoyed if they have to download it with every visit. Anyway, to see the animation CLICK HERE.

    Oh no! Bri sent a picture from all the wayback to 1994, and guess who had the Mariah cutoff waistband jeans style already then! Singer Chante Moore.

    Matt tells me some chartinfo from MTV Asia:
    MTV Loaded Top 10 Chart
    (for week of July 21st)
    #3.Against All Odds Mariah Carey

    The MTV Asia HitList Chart
    #6. Can't Take That Away Mariah Carey

    My nice friend Daniella (screencaptureChop) writes this:
    I have redesigned my whole entire site as well as renamed it to "Exclusive Mariah©" AND i have added a section where fans can send their artwork to be displayed on my site, its called "fanwork" and i need more entries so could you tell ppl about this please?? all fanworks shoud be mailed to me at:

    So please mail anything created by you, like artwork to her. Well, and to me too in fact!

    Mark scanned an article from magazine Popcorn, and it's very interesting! No, actually I don't know because I don't understand the language..

    Shino, from site Love Love Jack sends me nice pictures from Mariahs Rainbow tour, and she has more on her site.

    And the last thing in this various section is from Michelle who named me lamb of the week on her Mariah site, thanx =)
    Wednesday, August 2 - 2000
    Time to vote!
    Lisa tells me that MTV Europe is gonna have a Top 100 weekend on August 26th, 27th and you should vote alot for Mariah! Here:
    Click the really big top 100 logo. I voted for Honey, and maybe it's best if everyone voted for the same video, or?

    Wednesday, August 2 - 2000
    ATG dance tryouts.
    Fiona mails me this:
    If you want to see some video footage of the dancing tryouts for All That Glitters, you can go to THIS LINK. Unfortunatly, Mariah isnt in it :( . Check it out!

    She also writes to you Torontoers(?):
    The search for MC in Toronto continues...
    Well, last week I looked and looked and looked and looked, but I didnt get any luck. I watch the news on TV everyday; I have been checking the newspaper; I waited outside the hotel for hours(the one that we THINK shes staying at, the Windsor Arms Hotel); I searched the surrounding area of the hotel, and asked people if they've seen her, but I cant seem to find her. What do I do now?? Wait, I might have a possible idea: maybe all the SpyChops should get together so we can share our info, and hopefully 'put the puzzle pieces together'. What do you think?

    If you are a Toronto liver and would like to be called spychop, mail Fiona write now ya hear! The mail is:

    Wednesday, August 2 - 2000
    Fox news spreading lies again?
    They are the most Mariah hating website in the world, and now they're trying to make Mariah look bad again. Despite the fact that in earlier news we could read that the one who will play the young Mariah lives in Hawaii, they have a story about a Los Angeles girl that Mariah fired. Well, even if they got the living location wrong, they try to make it as its Mariahs fault, even if it was the director that made the decicions. So conclusion: Fox sux as usual. (A wonder that they are actually in on this movie and paying for it, don't you think.) Thanx Shayne for finding the story
    Mariah Fires a Little Kid From Her Movie

    Mariah Carey's movie All That Glitters has only been shooting in Toronto for two days and already there's trouble.

    Bianca Collins — an 11 year-old stage actress with tons of Broadway experience including starring with Marc Anthony in The Capeman — had been hired to play a young version of Carey's character, an aspiring singer. Yesterday, Collins' mother Anita received a call telling her that young Bianca — who lives in Los Angeles and was over the moon about getting the part — has been abruptly fired.

    This, despite the fact that Collins had been through five auditions before she'd been hired, according to her manager and agent.

    What happened? Word is that Carey spotted another little girl in Toronto and hired her on the spot. "Bianca is devastated," says her mother Anita Collins. "They had said be ready to fly out Tuesday, today, and we were. Then we got the call. Bianca earned the role — but it was basically Mariah Carey pulled a fast one."

    A rep for Mariah insists the singer is not to blame. "The director [Vondie Curtis Hall] had never even met the little girl. She met with the casting people three times. The director found a little girl he liked and the director hired her." Collins's agent, Ellen Dranch, who's negotiating her client's departure, said only: "This happens all the time. It's the nature of the business."


    Wednesday, August 2 - 2000
    Pictures of the day.
    Is back! Hey, I'm sorry, I don't know who sent this first photo, but here it is anyway:

    These are from Thomas, and he took them at the Miami concert:

    These two nice drawings from "Butterfly":

    Dieter, from the site Mariah Carey-MyAll sends this nice wallpaper:

    These are from Oscar, and he took them when Mariah was in Italy for the Pavarotti concert. If you want to contact him for trade or something, his email is

    These really great artworks are from cHeZi:

    Speaking of artwork, Danny made me the new image on the top of this site, and also the news-logo-image, they look nice!

    And the rest of the photos are all sent in by Ophelie!

    Well, that's it! Please send me lots of Mariah photos! Sadly there are no NEW ones at the moment because Mariah is in fact hiding in Toronto somewhere. The first person who sends me a photo from the movie shoot is an angel! (That means especially you Heather, Amy and Jakki.)
    Tuesday, August 1 - 2000
    Golden opportunity for dancers!
    This is from todays Toronto Sun newspaper:
    TORONTO -- Call it Monday Morning Fever.

    Mariah Carey's All That Glitters movie started filming here yesterday, but some local dancers were still sweating over whether they will get hired for the film.

    Loosely based on A Star Is Born, the picture features Carey as an '80s club singer who becomes a megastar. Choreographer Neisha Folkes held auditions at the downtown Randoph Dance Theatre Monday morning to fill 20 dancer spots. More than 100 fit-looking hopefuls showed up.

    Folkes was searching for hip, young male and female movers and shakers. That left me out on so many counts I lost track. "And you'd have to wear a G-string," said Folkes at the try out, adding some playfulness to her mockery.

    Some of the selected dancers -- they'll be notified by phone tomorrow -- will appear in a video shoot within the movie. The guys will wear only G-strings and body paint. "And they have to be strong, masculine and sexy," said Folkes who will also appear in All That Glitters as a dance instructor.

    How tough is it to pick? "I can almost see them coming through the door," admitted Folkes, a Juilliard and Alvin Ailey troupe graduate.

    One of them was 21-year-old Rhett George, a graduate of Brampton's Mayfield School For The Arts. He's currently working in The Lion King ensemble as a dancer while under-studying Simba. He's an eye catcher. But like most dancers, he's not banking on the job.

    "If I get it," George said of the All That Glitters gig, "I'm hoping I can work something out with the Lion King scheduling." His first professional job was beating out the hundreds of dancers who tried out for the Toronto production of Rent five years ago.

    Melissa Leifer, 18, has less experience and was less confident about her chances. "I'm not really sure what to expect," she said, just before she was called on to dance before Folkes.

    Leifer has been dancing for 10 years and will start the Ryerson dance program in the fall. In the meantime, she auditions two or three times a week around town.

    Her approach? "Look like you're having fun," she suggested offering a begrudging half-smile, "even through all this stress."

    Hmmm, did ANYONE READING THIS SITE try out? Now that would be cool, I know some of you are dancers. "The guys will wear only G-strings and body paint"? Do I need to say YUCK.