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Thursday, August 31 - 2000
A few various things.

First a question: I thought I would interview Mariahs spokesperson Cindy Berger, does anyone remember what article it was where her phonenumber was displayed? Also I thought of interviewing a 17 year old girl called Amy who is a big Mariah fan and who also is on her way to start her own singing career. She has manager and everything and I think she soon will release an album. If you have any questions for her please send them to me.

Then Jason says:
In the new Rolling Stone (with Keanu on the cover) they have the regular What Are You Listening To? section. Mariah is featured and says she is listening to The Gap Band's MILLENIUM COLLECTION. She says, "My favorite songs are 'Outstanding,' 'You Dropped a Bomb On Me,' and 'Burn Rubber.' I fall to reminiscing of days gone by."

Från Susanne:
Ok, nu gäller det...
På måndag (4/9 19:45) kommer AAO (med westlife) att visas på voxtopp. Sen,förhoppningsvis , så går videon vidare till voxpop. Men för att den ska gå vidare så MÅSTE ALLA SVENSKA MARIAH/WESTLIFE FANS RÖSTA!!!!!!!!! Vi verkar ju inte ha gjort det förut med tanke på hur resultatet blev med tex. Heartbreaker...

Scott from the UK wrote about two people I never heard of:
Oh yeah I thought I'd let you know that "Against All Odds" is doing really well over here. Have you heard of Daphne and Celeste? they're quite big in UK and the said on MTV that they loved Mariah and especially love Against All Odds.

More UK, Michelle writes that there will b a special on Mariah & Westlife tomorrow morn on GMTV at 8.35am tomorrow friday! Please tell me what that was about.

BMC lives a bit to the west of England and he writes:
You can vote for AAO with Westlife at Irelands Most Wanted at:
It only takes a second so its worthwhile.

Thursday, August 31 - 2000
Give Mariah a freakin Grammy!

That's what me and millions of Mariah fans are thinking. Jason plans to email the grammy people so they at least nominate Mariah this year, he's emailing this to You can also email if you feel Mariah should get some nominations for Rainbow/Heartbreaker/TGIFY/Mariahs Theme/Crybaby.

Also help Jason with reviews if you have some (
I am drafting my letter to the Grammy people. Do you have any reviews from major sources you can add?
Here goes:

I put some work into this, so please read. With Grammy ballots going out soon, I wanted to remind voters what a great (and critically received) album Mariah Carey put out. RAINBOW got good reviews, and it sold millions.

She should get a R&B nomination for "Crybaby" with Snoop Dogg.
1) ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY said this, "Musically, Carey's new collaborations display a gutsy composure. The singer cannily pairs up with Snoop Dogg on the sexy 'Crybaby,' the rapper's words tumbling like dice across her velvety vocals."

She also deserves a Pop Vocal nomination for "Can't Take That Away."
1) ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY said this: The song (cowritten with Diane Warren and coproduced with Jam and Lewis) resonates with new life experience--a kind of truth and uplift.
2) PEOPLE calls the song a "glimmering hope."
3) USA TODAY says, "she cuts loose on the soaring, self-affirming ballad Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)"
4) BILLBOARD says, "Carey delivers a defiant, gospel-charged vocal that builds to a theatrical, choir-framed climax."
5) VIBE says, "Mariah's voice resonates most impressively on the soulful "Can't Take That Away From Me (Mariah's Theme)."

Or what about Pop Female and Song noms for "Petals":
1) WALL OF SOUND says, "Notably, the most memorable song on this heavily produced recording is also its softest and most stripped-down — and it's found buried near the album's end. Called "Petals," the track features little more than an electric piano track and some occasional kettle drums that sound like thunder in the distance, with Carey singing in a compellingly hushed voice that's just one notch above a winsome whisper as she considers broken relationships, apparently with some once-close friends — and, possibly, lovers. "I really loved you/I tried so hard/ But you drove me away/ … And I found the strength to break away," she says, before the song dissolves, blurring into the interlude "Rainbow," on which Carey says she'll "be all right" if she "can find that rainbow's end."

Thursday, August 31 - 2000
ATG movie scheduled for April

Finally some news! Tom send this article with model/ATG Actress Padma Lakshmi. The Mariah related parts are in the end:
*** Model uncovers talent for cooking
By Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY

Paging through Easy Exotic (Talk Miramax Books, $16.95), a new cookbook by model Padma Lakshmi , makes you think two things.

The first: The Spaghetti di Capri on Page 41 really does sound easy and tasty. How difficult can a little pasta with fresh tomatoes, black olives and basil be?

The second: No one looks like that while making spaghetti.

The twentysomething (she won't give her age) model/actress/cookbook author mixes bits of childhood memories of growing up in India and California with photos of her in silky black slips and white lingerie whipping up low-fat gourmet dishes.

"I swear they aren't nightgowns!" she says, laughing. "That one with the white eyelet lace? It's a white sundress. People always say that (it's lingerie), and I roll my eyes."

The 5-foot-9, 125-pound Lakshmi got the cookbook idea because she had to gain 20 pounds for a movie role. To get it off again, she began cutting out fats. "I bought a non-stick skillet that was a bit deep, and I would make everything in that. My girlfriends came over for dinner, and they would really like the food. I'd say, 'You guys, you have no idea, this has less than 300 calories.' They would all ask me for the recipes."

Plus, she says, "everyone wants to know what a model eats."

In her case, that meant, yes, everything. "I could always eat whatever I want, to be honest," she says. "But I just love to cook."

Now, she's a regular on a daily Food Network show called Melting Pot , in which she does a segment on Fridays called Padma's Passport . "I don't know if I want to be the next Emeril Lagasse or Julia Child , but the show is good for me because nobody knows me. It's good to be in everybody's homes once a week.

"It's sort of funny. This cookbook thing just sort of mushroomed. My day job is acting."

She was born in India. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she joined her mom in the USA. Lakshmi went to high school in L.A. and studied theater at Clark University. She lives in L.A. and New York.

She knows that people are curious about her being author Salman Rushdie 's girlfriend, but, she says, "I want to keep my private life private. Everyone knows that he's in my life, and he's a very important person in my life. But it's funny because it almost works to my disadvantage, because people don't know me in America, and they kept associating me with him."

She hopes that changes soon, and that it will change even more in April when a movie she's making now called All That Glitters comes out. In it, Mariah Carey plays Lakshmi's backup singer.

"My character is based on a composite of Apollonia and Vanity from the Prince days. My boyfriend is very powerful and wants to make me a star. He rounds up some girls, and she's one of the backup singers. And of course she has the golden voice."

Yes, Lakshmi sings in the film. "I sing extremely badly, on purpose."

She adds: "Nobody believed that I could really sing. I finally had to hum a tune, to prove that I wasn't tone-deaf. I don't have a four-octave range like Mariah or Whitney (Houston), but I can carry a tune."

In the meantime, what does a model really eat?

"I'm like the next person; I'll go out and have a cheeseburger and fries and then watch it. I'm not a big sweet eater, although I love ice cream. Everything in moderation. I'm not a food Nazi."

Mariah plays a backup singer who gets discovered, does that ring a bell? =) I hope Brenda Starr doesnt take offence that this singer sings really bad on purpose ;) To read more about this model/actress visit my ATG site with the links at the top of this site.

Wednesday, August 30 - 2000
Listen to great singers.

Today I put up the first soundclips from people sending me them singing Mariah songs. There sure are some great singers out there! I will put up more later tonight. To hear them visit the MariahVision site:

Wednesday, August 30 - 2000
Mariahs Diary joins 2 interesting projects.

There are no Mariah news (unless you live in Toronto, you need to mail me!) right now so I need to do other things with my time. This week I am joining two new projects, one is which I hope will give me lots of great webspace for more Mariah sounds and videos. Also I am joining a big new project called Fanmasters Online at That looks to be a really interesting site!

Wednesday, August 30 - 2000
Fan sites unite

I don't know if you noticed, but some people (who also had Mariah sites) have been so rude to me lately about this site. And that's why I liked the idea from Matt from and put those friendship images just above the news. If you have a Mariah site join his project at:

Wednesday, August 30 - 2000
To Madonna fans

Soon you will see Madonna get her 12th USA #1? We'll know tomorrow! Also Madonna will beat Mariah and Whitney soon, Noreen sent me the latest USA album certifications (only females)
Artist Certified Units
(in Millions)
2. CAREY, MARIAH 52.00
4. MADONNA 50.50
5. DION, CELINE 39.00
6. TWAIN, SHANIA 29.00

I put all my money on that Madonna and maybe Whitney will pass Mariah this year =/ But then lets keep fingers crossed for All That Glitters!

Madonna just got her 10th UK #1, which is about 9 more than Mariah =/

Wednesday, August 30 - 2000
Anderz interview #5

My #5 interview will be with musical director Erik Bradley. He chooses what music to be played on radio B96 in Chicago which is like one of the 5 biggest radiostations in USA. He is also the biggest Mariah fan working on radio. If you have any question to ask him about Mariah or radiostations or other interesting just mail them to me I am still accepting questions for my interview #4, Mike who handled the sound and video for Mariahs both worldtours, but you need to get those questions in quick!

Tuesday, August 29 - 2000
More Album Artwork...

Here's what I, Candice, made for MARIAH CAREY (debut)


Tuesday, August 29 - 2000
Fan Artwork

Mar1ahzFan sends this drawing in:

And PhoenixLuna sent this is:


Tuesday, August 29 - 2000
MariahVision Song Contest

This contest is starting now! And I want many of you to take apart and sing a Mariah song, even if you don't think you are so great at singing. I will put all songs on a site and it will be fun for people to listen to. Read about the contest on the new site I just made by clicking on the button below. Also please sponsor the contest if you have a site!

Tuesday, August 29 - 2000
Buy Mariahs jeans

Yahoo has an auction to support the research about the desiese Multiple Sclerosis and Mariah made a donation. Now you can buy Mariah Carey's autographed Levi's 501 blue jeans – actually worn by the star herself! The signature on the back left pocket, waistband and cuffs are cutaway, “Love Always Mariah” (You’ll have to bid and win to find out the size.) The current highest bid is $485 and there are 12 days left of the auction.

Click here to go to the auction.

Tuesday, August 29 - 2000
Fan CD Artwork

One thing I'd like to see people send in is the single and album art they've made.
it's always fun to see what people come up with. To see if i can get the ball rolling, here are some I've made. =o)


Tuesday, August 29 - 2000
AOL Poll

Salvador writes saying:

There is a poll on AOL: Workplace called "Who's Overpaid?" and one of the questions is "If you could make the annual salary of a high-profile person, who would that be?" and Mariah Carey is one of the choices you can pick.

Monday, August 28 - 2000
Help Mariah even more!

Lauren writes:
i know you already put this on your site, but i was wondering if you could put the link for the petition to nominate Mariah for a VMA. I started the petition, and i know that there is no way she could get nominated now, but i wanted to make a point to MTV that her fans are very upset about it...but so far only a lil over 200 people have signed it. there is a petition for BSB that has over 2000 signatures on it. i'm sure that mtv would take notice to a petition with more signatures because they probably won't care about the loss of just 200 viewers. so i'm asking anyone who didn't sign it to sign it now. Nominate Mariah Carey for an MTV Video Music Award Petition (

Then NYC writes about something so weird, the most popular and influencal radiostation in the UK is boycotting Against All Odds!! He writes:
Hi again. Anderz, as you know Radio 1 in the UK has not put AAO on its playlist. If you go to and click on message boards playlist you can see the majority of messages are from angry Mariah and Westlife fans. I've posted a few myself. Good to see Mariah fans rallying behind her to support her. Please can everyone in the UK go to the site and post a message to radio 1. the more messages there are, the more likely it is to be played. AAO IS popular over here and I see the video everyday now (it is No.3 on MTV UK's equivalent of TRL), so Radio1 are just being jerks. Please UK fans - support Mariah!!!

So go to the messageboard and post Y'ALL!! The link is:
Click here to post your opinion!!!

The bad thing is that you need to register to post messages... but the good thing is that it only took like 10 seconds!

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
A Wallpaper

sent in by Beatific 327


Sunday, August 27 - 2000
Sweet Love Takes Time story.

This is from Joe and the Wildcat messageboard.

Hey ya'll!! Today on Casey Casems weekly top 40 long distant dedication a guy from Louisiana dedicated a Mariah song to his wife, here's his story: 10 years ago he work late nights as a DJ. One night a lady who had just had her heart broken called to request "Love Takes Time". The DJ (Joey) and the caller (lita) talked for hours. A year later they married. The had tried for years to have a child finally their doctor told them that Lita could not have children. They went home and prayed. She became pregnant with twins. 7 months along she went into premature later and gave birth. She became so ill the doctor told joey that Lita may not survive and to go home and get some sleep. Joey went home prayed and cried himself to sleep. When he went back to the hospital the nurses told him that Lita was doing a lot better. They named their twins Joey and Mariah. The twins start kindergarten this year. Joey dedicated " Love Takes Time" to Lita.

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
Present for Anderz

I got a nice photo from a fan of mine, and to be frank I am also a very big fan of hers!! Click here to see the photo.

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
Win a Mariah autographed photo!

How? Visit the Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub to read more:

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
About a website I really liked.

I visited this site and really liked it so I asked Marina from the site to tell me more about it, she writes:
Lets see, Letters2Mariah was started only a month ago with a few very simple missions. One , allowing fans to display lyrical art for Mariah onto the site, monthly, to where even if she never sees it, other fans could read it and relate. Two, to have a place to have fun and be creative and three to work with other webmaster's on projects and support campaigns, along with other fans to help mariah in any way. Letters2Mariah doesn't have too much up to date news or a full biography on Mariah, for the simple fact that there are so many really big MC sites with all of that already. We try to find odd things out about Mariah, like what her names means in latin, etc. We have projects to help mariah constantly and are part of a mission group called Mariah's Crew, created for the other two webmaster's and the L2M staff to work closely on support methods for Mariah, such as Save Mariah's Theme, From Mariah Carey 007, or Lifetime and Mariah the quest to write Lifetime enough letters to get Mariah on Intimate Portrait. We have a few added things on L2M, like the Mariah Pet adoptions coming very, very soon, where you can adopt anything from "Mariah's Crown" to Teddy Bear fans, to a Kiss from Mariah. We also have the Love for Mariah message forum, the Did you know section, Mariah trivia ( where fans can send in questions about Mariah to be answered by us or other fans.) The L2M awards are coming soon, in Septemeber. A new feature is coming in Septemeber called Interveiw with the WebMaster, where I will interveiw a different webmaster every month. They can put a banner and link to their page and be a featured site for that month. We just want to have fun and give back to other mariah fans and Mariah as much as she's given us.

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
"Mariah to South America" and some various news

Carolina has started a petition to let Mariah know how much we love here in Latin America, and that it would be great if she did a tour down here. Here's the link to the petition:
oh and here's the link to her Venezuela webpage, it's not completely done yet, they're still working on it:

NYC writes:
Hey Anderz, I was watching a Saturday morning TV show called FBI on BBC1 earlier on, and they played clips of 3 videos, one of which was Mariah & Westlife. Viewers then had to vote which one they wanted to see in full and Mariah & Westlife won! They then played the whole video. Glad to see the song gaining popularity, even if it isn't even out until October!

Laura writes:
Thought you might like to know that the AAO single is out on the 18th September in the UK. This is the date at present but it may well change in the next couple of weeks. Also, i live in Blackpool and on September 1st Westlife our turning on the Famous illuminations. They will also be performing three songs but is not known which ones as yet. Could there be a possiblity of a surprise visit by Mariah?!?

Sony UK said that Mariah will not come to Europe to promote the new song. But I hope she will change her mind!

Michelle writes:
I got a call from Nick today saying that Mariah Online had the tracklisting for CD2 of the UK cd.......i was on the case 5 mins later to Sony ;) Mariah Online had this for the tracklisting for CD2
1)MC and Westlife AAO
2)MC only
3)Westlife-My private movie
Ok i found out that it would have AAO MC only also the Pound Boys Mix of AAO and an interview with Westlife on the cd. The lady wasn't 100% sure but the video might be on it too.

More release date, from Shino:
Today the release day of AAO Japanese single is informed.
Against All Odds ( SRCS-2351 )
1. Mariah featuring Westlife
2. Album Version
3. Pound Boys Radio Edit
4. Instrumental

Release date is September 27.

Anne from Holland has got lots of news:
Mariah's "Honey" was at #48 in the MTV All Time Top 100 this weekend.

Mariah is in the Dutch magazine called "Beau Monde" and is featured 3 times. In one article it says that Alison is writing a book called "Life with a butterfly" so that is news to me , and at another page they slag off Mariah's dress at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards - and they call themselves experts - yeah right!?

Then there's a small part that mentions Mariah's hair - she straightens her hair with Frizz-Ease and so does Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner , so I can't send any pictures. Sorry!

In a pop magazine they say that Mariah & Luis will spend some time together in September in the Meditterraen Sea and in Luis' house in Marbella in the south of Spain. Rumors rumors rumors - when are they planning to leave them alone?

Well, if you live in Marbella, keep your eyes open anyway =)

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
Help Mariah!

My friend Liron has collected lots of links where you can help Mariah, so go to her site Getting Jilly With It and use them all! The link is "Help Mariah".

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
Mariah 4 rules!

I didn't say that, but Zoli did, here is what he writes:
Dear Mariah 4,

Can you believe what you have done, lambs? You have made a Mariah-song No1 in Hungary!!!! I can't believe that it have happened!!!

Lots of radios started to play more often and Against All Odds became a huge hit here because of you guys!

And maybe, maybe Mariah will read this on one of your sites and I am sure that she will be happy that the solo version of AAO became a big hit in a small land.

Because I know that Hungary is a small market BUT this is a big evidence that "Mariah 4" is an amazing organization!!! Cos all of you and your readers were so helpful and voted in the past weeks. And it increased the airplays in a lot of radiostations.

Thank you lambs. Unfortunately I don't know so many English words to express how much I appreciate Mariah4!!!!!!

Keep Mariah at #1! Everyone vote 100 times here:

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
The Sweetheart building is losing its shine.

Remember the cool museum where Mariah did the Sweetheart video? Well, it had titanium corrosion free plates that would last for centuries, but now only after a few years it is deteriating. Click here if you wanna read about it.

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
No talk between Mariah and Clive Davis

From Billboard:
Less than two months after his official exit from Arista Records, Clive Davis is back in business. The Arista founder and former president has entered into a 50/50 joint venture with BMG Entertainment to form J Records, Billboard Bulletin reports.

Davis also refutes earlier press accounts that the new label had attempted to woo Mariah Carey and George Michael to its camp. "Those reports are erroneous. We have had no discussions with George and Mariah."

Sunday, August 27 - 2000
NY Times article about Fresh Air Fund

This is from NY Times today, FAF kids were in Toronto to meet Mariah!!
Campers, Careers, and Meeting Mariah Carey


When children in Fresh Air Fund programs head out to a farm, they usually meet the likes of Joseph, a rugged old sheep, and Cindy, a black and white cow, two of the farm animals that provide part of the city children's camp encounters with country life.

But on Thursday, six children who attended one of the fund's camps arrived at a different kind of farm near Toronto to meet someone of a little more stature: the singer Mariah Carey.

The children, most of whom had expressed an interest in the film industry, were participating in a career orientation program offered by Camp Mariah, the fund's career awareness camp. It is a summer sleep-away camp that shows the children something about their career interests, and lets them visit adult role models at work.

Camp Mariah is one of five camps in Fishkill, N.Y., operated by the fund, a nonprofit agency. The fund also provides free summer vacations to children from low income neighborhoods in New York City by pairing city children with rural and suburban host families.

The camp is named for Ms. Carey, who gave $1 million for its establishment in 1994 and 1995. The campers share a particular interest in the singer, who visits every summer. They make a commitment to attend the camp for three years, and the newer arrivals pepper the old hands with the most important question: "Have you met Mariah?"

This year Ms. Carey did not have a chance to visit the camp because she was filming her first movie, "All That Glitters," which is based on her life.

Instead, she invited six campers interested in the film industry to spend a day with her and the crew on location in Toronto as they shot some scenes.

The children, four girls and two boys age 12 or 13, flew to Toronto to see some of the behind-the-scenes work of making a film. Some campers had never been on an airplane before, but the highlight of their day came when they met Ms. Carey, who has had more No. 1 songs than any other woman. On a farm outside the city, the children watched her and a crew of about 60 people run through several 78-second takes of the movie's final scene.

Afterward, Ms. Carey, dressed in the beige evening gown used in the scene, greeted them.

Daniel Potts, who attended the camp for the first time this summer, was obviously excited.

"I'm so nervous I'm shaking," he acknowledged as the singer approached. "I'm scared of her."

But he was able to overcome his fear. A few hours later, when Ms. Carey met the children again, he was the first to ask her a question: "Did you make the script?" (The answer: She helped revise it, but did not write it.)

Children who go on the career excursions, which take place before or after the four weeks they spend at the camp, watch adults at work. They tour companies like management consultants, fashion design studios and television networks to hear adults talk about their jobs and how they prepared for them.

In addition to meeting Ms. Carey during the visit to Toronto, the children saw many aspects of a movie production. Peter Grondy, the film's art director, showed them how he and his crew would make Copps Coliseum in Toronto look like Madison Square Garden did in the past.

"We researched what Madison Square Garden looked like in 1983," he told them. "We'll be matching the seat colors and covering up the signs."

The children also walked through the sawdust-covered cement studio, where a crew was building an apartment set, and spoke with the film's co-star, Max Beesley, who advised them on how to become an actor and how to change a natural London accent to something a little more New York.

For most of their tour, they were joined by Isabel Gomes, 11, who plays the young Mariah Carey character in the film.

At the end of the day Ms. Carey took the children aside, away from the cameras and the handlers and the assistants, to talk to them about making a movie and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Anyone interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to the agency may call (800) 367-0003 or visit the Web site,, or send a check to the Fresh Air Fund, 1040 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10018.

Thursday, August 24 - 2000
Mariah featuring Westlife To Be On New Single

The rumours were true: on September 18 will "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" by Mariah Carey and the popular boyband Westlife be released as a single. You will probably hear the song on radio before that, but from September 18 the single will be available in stores.

After the Top 10 hit "Heartbreaker" and the successfull "Thank God I Found You", the Mariah solo version of this song was released earlier this year. You can find that version on the successful album "Rainbow". The version with Westlife is not available on this album. Sixteen years ago "Against All Odds" was a big hit for Phil Collins.

When Mariah had recorded her version of "Against All Odds", she shortly afterwards met the boys of Westlife in Los Angeles. She heard several songs by the group, and she liked them so much that she asked them if they wanted to re-record "Against All Odds" with her.

‘It has been a dream come true to work with Mariah’, says Westlife. ‘What really struck us was how professional she was ….. “Against All Odds” is a great choice of song. We love the track and we hope everyone else will too.’

Mariah was also very pleased with the collaboration: ‘I really enjoyed working with Westlife. They are so refreshingly down to earth considering their massive success and their talent is undeniable. I’m really pleased with the way the song came out; their vocals took the track to a whole new place.'

Thanks to Mariah Online

Thursday, August 24 - 2000
News News News....


Hi Candi! About 3 weeks ago, I advertised the opening of Awards'R' Us on the "FOMM" messageboard, and Mariah's Diary has been selected as one of the "Most Creative Site Awards", I will give you and Anderz the URL later, so that you may see where you guys stand on the "Mariah's Top 100" list. Also, look out for more cool awards that could be coming your way, and tell other sites to get their creative hats on. The competition has begun! Heres' the award, and Congrats!

VOTE FOR MARIAH - sent in by Eve Bryan

They have this thing on VH1 where you can vote on whether or not mariahs fashion sense is steller or not. Right now, she is not having a good day with the people who are voting, so can you put the word out with this link so people can go vote and and put Mariah in the hot spot instead of the NOT spot. Click here


UK BBC RADIO 1 - sent in by BMC

Do you know that the main radio station in the UK (BBC Radio1) refuses to play Mariah and Westlifes duet? They have not listed it on their playlist at all. We have to make them play it for it to be no.1. There is a messageboard where you can write your views on the playlist. Click here for the messageboard

I know thats a long address but you must realise how important this is. I've already wrote very cristisising letters to them but what can on person do. You must encourage all visitors to your site to register a username for this messageboard and we will all keep complaining until we are heard.

Thanx. Your friend. BMC.


THALIA CHEATING ON TOMMY? - sent in by Daniel Torres

Well, since this is somewhat related to Mariah, being that Thalia is supposedly gonna marry Tommy and has taken on an 'Old Mariah' look. Daniel writes this in:

I´m sure you remember Thalia, the hot latin singer, who was going to be Mottola´s wife.Maybe you don´t know that She also work as an actress on many soap operas in Mexico.Let me tell you the latest news Thalia is cheating Tommy with another man!!!!!!! They said Taliah was caught kissing with the man who is said to be the male character in one of Thalia´s soap operas.But they were not working!! Oh my God!!! And what about Thalia´s carreer as a singer?Is Thommy going to stop helping Thalia.? Will Thalia´s messages be taken down from her official web site The answers for all of this questions the next chapter.


Anyone know if that's true? Just curious!



Thursday, August 24 - 2000
Those wonderful graphics.

Those newslogos and the image on the top of this site and the logo. They are all created by artist Danny Wong from Canada, he is new graphic chop for this site ni fact!

Well, the news about Mariah are very few, so today I am working on setting up the MariahVision Song Contest site. Mariah fans will get their chance of singing Mariahs songs in this competitions. If any other websites wanna be apart and sponsor it just mail me

Thursday, August 24 - 2000
Long live FOMM!

I just have to give a special thank you to all the people on FOMM who support me and helps me with things. I love you guys, and especially you girls!!


Thursday, August 24 - 2000
About Mariahs first CD.

Dante writes me:
I just wanted to clarify something about mariah's debut cd. It is true that Love Takes Time was rushed onto the album at the last minute. I read that story ages ago as well. And, in fact, a friend of mine is a music publicist, and he actually has a copy of the original Mariah Carey, and there is no Love Takes Time. In short, I just wanted everyone to know that there are (maybe just a few) cds out there without the song on it.

Danielle writes:
I was soo excited when I read the story about the girl who said she's loved Mariah since 1990. I have also loved her since then, and I can't find many people who have. When she asked if there are any other fans who can confirm that there are copies of the "Mariah Carey" CD with no LTT written on them, I couldn't believe it!!! I have one!!!

Love takes time is on the CD itself, but it is not listed on the back of the CD, and The side of the CD where it says "Mariah Carey" is in gold trim, instead of black.

Thursday, August 24 - 2000
X boyfriend!

Daniel Torres wrote this:

I´m just writting about Thomas Mottola. I heard he was going to marry Talia, a latin singer.They say thomas was taking care of Talia´s career. By the way I saw one of Talia´s videos an TV and she looks like Mariah in her old days(when she was influencied by Thomas). The video is cool. She´s singing using an old micro(you know,like Mariah in vision of love), and her hair is exactly the same as mariah´s in her old days. wonderfull. is thomas creating a new latin diva.? sorry i could no found any good photo. and for finish i´d like to met spanish mariah´s fans(they could mail me
And here's a picture collage I made of Thalia:

BTW, her official site is


Thursday , August 24 - 2000
MC In TVGuide

Hillary writes:

In the new TV Guide (Aug 26 - Sept 1) there is an article on the MTV VMAs and there is a section about the Most Memorable Moments. On page 26 there is a pic of Mariah and Whitney, it reads "Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston share a stage for the first time -- in identical dresses."


Thursday , August 24 - 2000
Mariah On TV

Ramon e-mailed to say that Mariah will be on
"The Rankin File: Sex Sells," VH1. Saturday, 5:30 p.m. ET.


Thursday , August 24 - 2000
Mariah And Eric Benet

Glenn tells me that:

The August 19 issue of Billboard magazine (page 23) said that R&B singer Eric Benet will not only star with Mariah in "All That Glitters", but will also duet with her on a song for the film soundtrack, although they are not sure whether the song will be a remake or an original song.


Thursday , August 24 - 2000
Mariah & Luis

Joel Cantó wrote in:

Well, today I found this in El Periodico Newspaper (online edition): It's an article (in Spanish) that talks about the 'Parejas con Calor Latino'(Hot Latin Couples).Includes a pic of Mariah and Luismi in Capri. The text it's suposed to be funny, they even laugh at Mariah (you know, oysters, overweight, Cameron Diaz). If you check the rest of the 'hot latin couples', you'll see Tommy & Thalia, for example.

Here's the link:


Thursday , August 24 - 2000
Best Diva Poll

GurlyGirl389 writes saying:

It is important that Mariah fans go to the link below and vote for Mariah Carey as Best Diva. She is currently winning against Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and Toni Braxton. Its important because we have to make it known that Mariah is better then the younger teenie boppers and that she will always be #1. You can vote as many times as you want.


Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
FIXED Pictures!!!

It's all the storms fault!! We had a nasty one come through tonight.

Almu sent in these:

Beatifi sent this:

From Bernard:

Eric sent in a picture of Billie Piper who look kinda like MC :

Fadi sent in a wallpaper:

And Leigh Ann sent a nice truck load of photos =o) :

MCFanatic sent these:

T sent this one:

Tariq sent this in:

Zoli sent this one in:

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
No MC Nomination
On Access Hollywood Polls
Axzs5 writes:

Hey I was watching Access Hollywood and they said at their website they have a poll for the top 10 people of 2000. Some of the categories that Mariah should've been nominated in are Best pop artist,sexiest female,best r&b/hip-hop artist. People once again snubbed Mariah. Please help me get people to write emails to Access Hollywood. Here's the email address

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
Full AAO Remix
with Westlife..
Salvadore e-mailed me saying that has the full length AAO video with Westlife in MPEG format up!

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
More About Clive and Mariah

Hilary sent in another article about MC and Clive from the NY Post:

Clive Davis' new venture is to open its doors this week with $130 million -- less than half of what he originally sought when he broke away from BMG's Arista Records. Half of his new company, Davis Entertainment, is to be owned by BMG, which, under the terms of the deal, can break Davis if he loses more than $50 million. The Post has learned.

The official announcement of the new company could be made as early as tomorrow.

When BMG made clear it would re-sign Davis to run Arista records, which he founded 25 years ago, the 67-year-old music mogul began shopping around a proposal that would have valued a new company at about $300 million. But he had no takers at that price. His venture, with BMG will be housed in a new office space -- on Fifth Avenue near Arista's headquarters at 57th St., sources say. The big question still remains: Which artists will initiate the label? The unofficial word is that the two headliners will be George Michael and Lenny Kravitz.

Angie Stone -- a burgeoning R&B star -- is the only Arista recording artist expected to follow Davis.

Speculation over who Davis would nab has been rampant ever since he announced he would launch a new label. Artists that were considered Davis' proteges came out in support of the music man throughout his highly publicized battle with the Bertelsmann execs over the rights to the BMG-owned label. But none of them opted -- or were allowed, because of binding contracts -- to jump ship.

Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, Deborah Cox, Next, LFO and Q-Tip will remain at Arista under the leadership of newly minted CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid. The veteran label exec is also one of many music chiefs looking to ink a deal with pop diva Mariah Carey, who is expected to leave her long-time home, Columbia Records, when she completes the final album of her contract with the Sony Music label. But, without the full backing of a media giant, it is highly unlikely Davis Entertainment will be able to afford the pop diva, who is expected to command about $60 million for a multi-album contract deal.

Industry insiders say while Carey and her management team have not begun the negotiation process, L.A. Reid and his stable of pop and R&B divas has the money -- BMG reported worldwide revenues of $4.7 billion for the year ending June 30, including Arista's $550 million -- and the know-how to work with the chart-topper. And he has as his executive vice president former top Sony exec Jerry Blair, who worked closely with the pop singer at Columbia Records."

She also says:
Also there was a big pic of Clive and a small one of Mariah. The caption reads: "NOT ENOUGH: With only $130 million behind his new venture, Arista-founder Clive Davis may not have the bucks to lure pop diva Mariah Carey."

Thanks Hilary!

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
One of Mariahs first fans and performances!
This nice story is sent to me by Sharon Norris.
Hello. Here is my response to your request. I have added a bit more to my first experience with Mariah.

Back in the summer of 1990 I was working in a record store in Northern California. I remember one day a gentleman came into the store with a friend of his. I was standing behind the counter, he approached me, and excitingly asked if we had Mariah Carey's CD in yet? I remember thinking, I had never heard that name before as I would have remembered it if I did because it was such a pretty and unusual name. I told him, that we did not have music by an artist with that name. He told me something to the effect of, "oh too bad, but you will." Then he turned to his friend and said something like, "oh she is going to be the next big artist, she is a great singer."

After the guy and his friend left the store I remember thinking I had never known anybody with the name "Mariah" and it sounded even prettier with the last name "Carey." It struck me as kind of a relief too that an artist was actually including her last name. Many artists were trying to come out with just one name like "Madonna" and that seemed so played out.

It was soon after that Mariah's song "Vision of Love" was on the charts. At the record store we sometimes played her tape in store and we had it behind the counters because it was a hot seller. I have often wondered though, I could have sworn that when her CD first came out "Love takes time" was not the last song on the CD. It was "Prisoner." I later learned that "Love takes time" was added at the last minute. I am wondering if a few CDs were released without "Love takes time." Can anyone else (long time fans of Mariah's) confirm or deny this? It has always been a question in the back of my mind.

Anyway, the first time I saw Mariah was at the 1990 "Summer Jam" concert (an annual concert of various popular artists). It is hosted by KMEL ( a popular radio station in the Bay Area, Northern California). Mariah was on stage all by herself. I was way far back but I remember seeing her pretty long hair and red dress. I got chills as she sang "Vision of Love." I was so happy to hear that song live because it was a favorite and there was no doubt that she was a major talent. It was just kind of a "matter-of-fact" thought in my mind.

Other artists that played at that concert were: BBD (Bel Biv Divoe), MC Hammer, Michele' (another artist trying to get by with their first name only), I can't remember the others...

I have been a fan of Mariah's since the beginning. Listening to her music has brought me countless hours of joy. I am grateful that she puts out so much of her work. Even with all the music she has out I still can't get enough.

I attended Mariah's San Jose concert this past March 21st. I finally got to see her again. She has not included Northern California in her big tours before. I was talking with some of the people sitting around me at the concert (most of them were much younger than me, I am 30, and they were like in there late teens/early 20's) and we were all happy to have Mariah finally make it out to Northern California. Everyone (including me) was screaming and singing a long with Mariah. It was a lot of fun!

I continue to be a fan of Mariah's more and more with every album she puts out. She has never let me down, there is not one song that I can say that "I do not like." She is a musical genius (in my ever to be humble opinion).

Please make music always!

(Anderz: I can say that I'm not sure if there were any CD's without Love Takes Time, but I have a couple of vinyls without it.)

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
Spice girls and Mariahs movie.
Kaori from the site Love, Love Jack, writes me:
I send you several pictures that I renewed.

Do you know this commercial?
This commercial was broadcast in 98. It was a very beautiful commercial. This is the commercial of the advertisement of an English conversation school.

And another piece is the picture that went out to shopping when she visited Japan in 98.

Because she suddenly turned up the department store was large confusion. She bought 4 sheets of CD in 98. And, she was buying even very favorite Hello Kitty.


And of course you find many more pictures on the Love, Love Jack site!

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
Spice girls and Mariahs movie.
Is there a connection? Yes, as NYC tells me:
Just to let you know, Mel B aka scary spice has mentioned All That Glitters a couple of times on various TV & radio interviews over the past week. she mentioned on "The Lick" on MTV with trevor nelson that her boyfriend Max beesley was currently in toronto starring as Mariah's boyfriend. he asked if she was jealous and she said no, but she'd heard Mariah was "lovely" and glanced at the camera giving a grimacing look saying she'd love to meet her. she was only kidding. she also said similiar stuff on radio one on sunday and AGAIN on monday. seems like mel b is inadvertently advertising all that glitters.

That's nice! And to have your boyfriend be with Mariah all days must be a bit nervous! Also NYC tells good news about AAO in the UK:
By the way, AAO is getting hyped over here. tv coverage, radio exclusives and so on. can't wait until it gets major circulation!

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
Westlife about Mariah
Laura from the UK was very kind and typed this from a TV-show she saw!
This is what both Mariah and Westlife said in the interview.

AAO Clip

Westlife: This is gonna be our 6th single and fingers crossed it will be good for us. We've had a great year and this has topped it. We said before that this year couldn't beat last year but we're only 4/5 months into the year and we're doing a duet with Mariah Carey. It couldn't be better.

Heartbreaker Clip

MC: The collaboration between Westlife and myself came about because we actually met. I think a couple of times but one time at an after party and someone i know who works for their record company introduced us and they were really cool and really nice and we started talking about Ireland and a bunch of different things and they were very complimentary and we talked about doing something together and i thought it would be a cool kind of unique, international collaboration.

Fool Again Clip

Westlife: We're very big fans of Mariah, massive fans of Mariah, we love her music, especially Mark. Mark's the biggest and bestest Mariah fan in the whole world.


MC: They'll be big in America because i think they are very talented and i think once America is exposed to them no matter what song they have they will do well.

Westlife Clip (Don't know which song)

Westlife: The next album we want to style better we want, obviously we want the songs to be better than the first album and we hope to bring some more uptempo stuff into the album. Not necessarily stuff like other groups like BSB but create our own uptempo style and have some really really good, really really banging uptempo songs as well as the ballards. And the live tour next year aswell...BLAH..BLAH.... I think as well we've matured, even though its only been like a year since we released something, we've matured a lot and i think you're going to see a lot closer to the real 100% us. Both in interviews and in music. We're a lot more grown up to the business, we're a lot more used to it.

AAO Clip

MC: I really like the record i think people are gonna like it a lot. i did a version of it on my album by myself but when we did the version together i think it really took it up a notch and its own....its own new thing, its really cute, i like it a lot.

AAO Video

Wednesday, August 23 - 2000
I need help with questions!
Okay, I have great news now. You know that now I have started doing interviews with interesting people, and the third interview will be with Billboard employee Fred Bronson, that is coming up soon. But even more interesting is the fourth one, it will be with Mike McKnight who handled all the sounds, video and electronics on Mariahs Rainbow and Daydream tour!! If you read the Keyboard Magazine articles I had here on the site a few days ago you will know about it. He says he respects Mariahs private life so he will not answer any specific personal questions about her life. But he will answer all other questions you might have! So I need help to think of interesting ones, please send them to if you can think of some good ones. Also mail me suggestions about what more people I can interview. I must be able to contact them somehow.

Monday, August 21 - 2000
All That Glitters
Yesterday me (Anderz) and Desiree were working hard on making a new All That Glitters section for this site. I am about half done, but check it out right now anyway if you are curious. If you know any All That Glitters info I would love it if you sent it to me at Visit the All That Glitters site with the "ATG" link at the top of this site.

Also here I would like to put a picture I got from Lois, a fan of me!! Actually I'm a big fan of hers too, she is like so hot!!!!!! Click here to see it.

Monday, August 21 - 2000
About Clive Davis new recordlabel.
Matt - Webmaster @ mails me this from the brand new Rolling Stone Magazine (September 14, 2000). This is one of the recordlabels Mariah is rumoured to go to after she leaves Sony. Clive Davis used to head Arista Records (Whitneys label. I made the Mariah related parts in cursiv font.
Former Arista head woos Mariah and George Michael for new label

Sources close to veteran executive Clive Davis say he has reached an agreement with BMG Entertainment to start a jointly owned label. The still un-named start-up provides and odd ending to what had been a surprising and acrimonious split between Davis, who headed Arista Records, and BMG, its current owner. Several Arista artists, including LFO, Shannon Curfman, Deborah Cox and Next, are reportedly slated to follow Davis to the new company. George Michael is also rumored to be headed for the label, although his London management firm did not return calls seeking confirmation. Additionally, Mariah Carey - who has sold nearly 40 million records in the past ten years and whose contract with Sony expires after her next record - is among the performers Davis has spoken to in recent weeks.

The sixty-seven-year-old Davis, who started Arista Records twenty-five years ago and ran it until June, when he was replaced by producer-songwriter-executive Antonio "L.A." Reid, is one of the most successful executives in record industry history. After joining Columbia Records as a staff lawyer in the early Sixties, Davis rose to become president of both Columbia and its then-parent operation, the CBS Records Group (The company was subsequently sold to Sony), and its widely credited with steering Columbia into its role as a leading rock label. Ousted from CBS in 1973, Davis launched Arista and continued to run it after its acquisition by BMG. While the label boasts a wide-ranging roster, from Kenny G to Patti Smith, Davis also took an active personal role in the recording careers of several Arista acts as executive producer for Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and most recently, Carlos Santana.

The huge commercial success of Santana's Supernatural, which has sold 13 million copies, made the timing of Davis' departure from Arista surprising: Few label heads lose their jobs after delivering a blockbuster. But BMG was reportedly disenchanted with Davis' free spending on promotion and his apparent unwillingness to develop a successor. Indeed, in an unpublished interview with ROLLING STONE just weeks before the dispute erupted, Davis said he entertained no throughts of retiring. "The only time I ask it is at a dinner party, if anyone asks me." he said with a laugh. "As long as my health holds out, and it's fine, there's no reason to stop....I think I've got a number of years before I think about it."

Ultimately, BMG's decision to turn the reins at Arista over to L.A. Reid provoked an industry tempest, with artists such as House and Santana offering public support for Davis and rumors abounding that they and other performers might exit Arista with him. In the end, Santana recieved a new contract and stayed with Arista, where Houston also remains.

Although one published report placed BMG's initial investment in the new Davis-run label at $150 million, industry sources say the hard-dollar commitment is probably a good deal less, with additional funding available on a per-project basis. One of those future projects could prove to be Carey, who is said to be talking with several labels about a new contract once her Sony deal expires. "Clive would love to have Mariah," says a source close to Davis. "And she has reached out to him."
The label is expected to debut in January.
- Fred Goodman.

Monday, August 21 - 2000
Mariah Mentioned In Harper's Bazaar
Sean from New York e-mailed this to me:

I was reading an article in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine basically about people spending mega-$$$ to have shopping made easy. They said the last Christmas, "Barneys New York stayed open late just for Mariah Carey so she could pick out preasents in private."

Monday, August 21 - 2000
No Mariah for new AAO Promotions!
Mariah will not be doing any promotion for the Against All Odds with Westlife single. The plan is for Westlife to go to Toronto to do any TV shows and things. Sony UK has confirmed this.

Monday, August 21 - 2000
BIG Wallpaper Update!
Sorry I didn't get these up sooner. =o)

These are from Dennis: you can go to see his site here

And these are from Maya:

Monday, August 21 - 2000
A New Drawing
Mar1ahzFan sent this in. It's really good isn't it?!

Monday, August 21 - 2000
Request AAO with Westlife in Ireland
Sounds like a plan to me! Especially since Westlife ARE from Ireland. here's two radio station that BMC sent me.

Monday, August 21 - 2000
The Mariah Fonts....
MaZ (Lisa) has made some great fonts which are the ones Sony uses most on Mariah's CD's. There a regular and a thin version. Go to her site to get them! Unlike Lagune, these have capitals aswell. PS. Great work Lisa!

Mariah Mania

Monday, August 21 - 2000
Good Sites To Visit
Danielle would like for you to visit her site,
Hail Queen Mariah! Looks pretty darn good to me! =o)

A site dedicated to a really good MC collection, Mariah Collection

Monday, August 21 - 2000
Frances also sent in some walpapers. =o)

Monday, August 21 - 2000
MTV VMA Petition
Kristen e-mailed me and let me know that somone started a petition regarding the fact that MC was not nominated for any awards. She hopes that if enough people sign it, MTV will help Mariah more and not overlook her work so easily in the future. Thanks again Kristen.

Here's the link:

Click here for more August news.