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As the concert ended, Mary Ann Taturn stepped off of the stage and signaled for me to wait until the building had cleared out somewhat. My anticipation was growing rapidly and anxiety was running throughout my veins. As I sat in my chair and waited with my parents and my friends, everything felt as though it was all moving in slow motion. I was there just watching everything happen around me. I felt as though if I screamed it would just echo around the large building without anyone ever hearing a sound. From around the corner of the stage I saw Mary Ann making her way towards me. Dressed in a long black coat I could see a pass hanging from a chain around her neck that stated the words "Back-Up Singer" and "Mariah Carey." She talked to me for a few minutes before handing me the best gift in the world. Two record company passes. Just like she promised me.

I met Mary Ann in New York City at a different Mariah concert in while I won tickets to and party passes. We got to talking for an hour or so and we exchanged phone numbers and a promise. In which she fulfilled in a large way a few days later. As I made my way up the stairs in the Fleet Center, I almost felt as though someone had placed a speed button on life and I was the star of the show. While passing up the stairs and through the halls they were filled with fans who were screaming and chanting. Everyone all of a sudden stopped and looked at me and my pass. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by fans that were handing me things and begging for me to have her sign them.

I reached the room with my hands full of stuffed animals, posters and programs. As I took a seat at the table, it suddenly felt as though I was dreaming. Nothing seemed real to me anymore. It was all just an illusion. The room was large and full of radio dj's, people that worked for sony, photographer's, friend's of mariahs and a few of her very lucky fans. The room was seperated in to three sections. One in which Mariah, her photographer's and manager's were standing. The other with her fans, radio dj's. The last room was covered with windows and blindes. The rooms was full of make-up artists, back up singers, crew members, my parents and two of my friends. There was food and drinks spread out on a table in all three rooms. All of the rooms were filled with tables and chairs. I had the front row seat on the ride of my life.

Mariah walked in to the room, her eyes fixated on each person in the room. It seemed as though she was searching for somone. I much have stopped breating at one point. My body began to grow weak and it started to tremble. The reality of it all was finally sinking in to me. Mariah took her place in front of a back drop and a photography camera. A line was formed and people started to make their way up to her to get an autograph and a photograph. Not to mention the chance to talk to the one and only Mariah Carey. I just sat there in my seat and watched her and the way that she treated everyone. She treated them all as equals and bended down for the little five year old kids that walked up to her. She held people's hands and was the most sweetest and down to earth person that I have ever met. I was sitting there trying to take a picture of each and every single moment inside of my mind. Trying desperatly not to forget everything when I "woke up."

Mary Ann entered the room and smiled at me as she made her way towards Mariah. As she was talking to her she pointed towards me. All of a sudden Mariah's eyes were shifted towards me and I felt as though somebody needed to pinch me. I had to have been dreaming. Mary Ann signaled for me to get in to line. I was on my way to meeting the person that I have been waiting to meet for my entire life. Growing closer and closer towards Mariah, my body began shaking like a horrible anxiety attack and my body grew immensly weak. Every single emotion that I had ever know or felt at that moment in my life was all of a sudden running throughout my veins all at once. As soon as I reached Mariah she already knew my name and that alone was enough to make me drop dead right then and there. She held on to my hand tightly as tears rolled down my face. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop them from falling. The reality of it all took over my body. She gave me a hug and everything she said to me just sort of echoed around in my head searching for a place to land; but it didn't. My body was still dreaming. My photo was taken and my program was signed. As I left the building, I left with my head held high. My dream had finally become reality.

GREAT WRITTING KELLY! Here is a photo of Mariah and Kelly, these two girls are like soooo cute:

And here is the original story about Kelly seeing Mariah in concert and meeting Mariah, she tells more about it here:
Well.. the question is where do I start. The boston concert was the best!!! I went to the new york one and I thought that that one was really good but after the boston show I was in completely awe. I had one my ticket's to see Mariah In New York through Artist Direct when they did the contest to ask mariah your dream question and get concert tickets and maybe even more. Which I did get more, I got backstage passes.. or so I had though. I got the triangle passes which did not allow me to meet mariah [unofrtunatly] but they did allow me to stick around for awhile and meet all of the people that work for mariah. I even met Da Brat. As me and my father were walking out the door at about midnight we saw Mary Ann Taturn, which is one of Mariah's back up singers. My father got to talking to her - without even realizing just who she was. All three of us ended up talking about the show and diva's live and how the staff working at MSG wre rude and stuff like that. Then I started talking to Mary Ann about the fan book that I was holding in my hand, and her neice(i think it was her neice) said to her "I want that book" then she looked at me and asked where I got it and I was like "I made it" and her and mary ann said I did a really good job on it. So Mary Ann took it for me and said she'd get it to mariah. Before I knew it we were talking about how I would be at The Boston concert as well. She promised me that she would try and get me backstage passes.. it started getting late and my train was leaving around 1am.. so we had to get going, so mary ann gave us her phone numbers, and we gave her our's and the next day she called me just to let me know that she didn't forget about me. She called me a few times in fact. She also ended up telling me which hotel she was staying in and yada yada. At the boston concert I had 2nd row seats and the best time of my life. I took 6 rolls of film there, and 3 in new york. The day that the concert came she met us before it started and handed us 4 triangle passes... those passes get you to the right floor and keep you in the building. She said after the concert she'd come and give me 2 passes to go in to the room where Mariah was going to be, so about 5 minutes after the concert ended she came from behind the stage and handed me the passes.. I have never been more hounded in my life. I felt like I was the famous person. So many people were hounding me and following me and my friends. It was kinda cool though. lol. So I got in the room to meet mariah and mary ann came in and sat with me and one of my friends, I was talking to her for awhile and she told me that she gave mariah my fan book right before she went on stage at the concert. I showed her the gift that I got for mariah.. which was a butterfly pillow, that had awesome colors and shades of blue that was also shaped like a butterfly.. mary ann looked and me and was like "Mariah is going to absolutly love that" while backstage you get free food and drinks and you sit at tables and stuff. They take professional pictures and don't allow you to use your own cameras. And to my understanding mariah keeps a copy of all the pictures. So it was finally my turn to go in line and get my picture with her and meet her.. i spent a half hour just starring at her from my seat watching her talk to all her fans that went up to her.. she was so sweet. When I got in line I started to have an anxiety attack.. I had never been that nervous meeting her before, and i had met her twice before that. But this time was so different. Mary Ann ended up walking up to the security gaurd there and telling him not to rush us along and after he agreed with her she went up to mariah and started explaining to her which one i was and stuff, cause i guess she wanted to meet me cause i was the one that made the fan book and mary ann made sure that mariah knew it was me. So i saw mariah looking at the line and she smiled at me.. i nearly died. When I finally got up there, I handed mariah the pillow and I was like "hi mariah... this is for you" and her eyes opened sooo wide and she was showing all her friends in there and was like "Everyone look at this.. I got a butterfly pillow.. isn't this so cute!!" Then I started talking to her and I was saying "If it wasn't for mary ann I wouldn't be here right now and I owe her so much, she gave you my fan book.." then mariah said "yeah She gave that to me before the concert.. thank you so much for it.. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but I promise I will" and she was staring straight in to my eyes.. i was almost like am I really here or am I dreaming??? then I started crying.. and she grabbed me by the hand sooo tightly.. and she was saying something to me but it was all a blurr I remember her saying "Awwee it's okay" then she pulled me next to her... because they were group pictures, and I wasn't even going to be the one next to her for it, but she put me there.. and I can't remember if she was holding my hand durring the picture or not. lol. After they took the pics, I had her sign my program out to kelly.. and I tried to say "you are the greatest singer in the world" but it got really choppy and I started madly balling my eyes out and she leaned down and hugged me for what seemed like forever but it was only like 5 seconds.. and she was like "thank you so much for everything..the pillow and for the book.. i love them both" then I left.. and I could not stop crying my eyes out. I was soooo happy. I never cried when i met her before.. and i didn't even think that I would of... but it just came out of me. I won't get my picture for another month or so. But what I'm going to do to it is getting an enlargement and cut the other people out so that its just me and mariah.. hehe, I'm bad. =) Afterwards me my friends and parents met up with mary ann and talked to ehr for yet another hour or so and she said that she talked to mariah and she said she's in love with the pillow i gave her and she'll probley take it everywhere. Then mary ann told us to keep in touch with her and when we go to new york city we'll go out to dinner with her. Since last week mary ann has called us just to see how we were doing. =) That was definately the best night of my life though... "my every wish and every dream some how became reality on april 13th"