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ET: This is your acting debut.

MARIAH CAREY: Well, I did a little thing last year in 'The Bachelor' with CHRIS O'DONNELL which was one day of shooting, but I've been studying for a long time and I really enjoy the process of acting. The whole process of acting, the whole process of doing a movie has helped me grow as a person. I'm really glad I'm finally seeing the whole thing come to fruition because there was a time when I didn't know if it was going to work, but the soundtrack has been so great to do because it's like writing to a story as opposed to just my own personal experience.

ET: How did it make you grow as a person?

Mariah: Well, just because a lot of times, in a lot of things I went through, my tendency was to shut down and block out what was really going on emotionally. Otherwise I would have drowned in that mess. I don't mean just recent stuff but my entire life and whatever situations came about. In acting you can't do that, you can't shut down emotionally. I had to really not do that and really explore why I do that and how it impacted my life and the decisions that I make.

ET: Was it scary for you to step into this film that you were also producing?

Mariah: There was a lot of support for me on the movie. VONDIE CURTIS always has been great and I really enjoy working with him, he's a great person, he's really passionate about the movie and that's great. But no, it was scarier for me to go to an acting class. A bunch of actors who are working or aspiring to work and get up there and be people in the class which is a very good, healthy thing for me to do but was actually terrifying.

ET: Now, who is this hot, hunky, guy you chose as a love interest?

Mariah: The guy playing Dice is MAX BEESLEY, who is from England. He's a really good actor and is really good in the movie because he is a musician as well as an actor.

ET: That's great. Do you have love scenes in this movie?

Mariah: Oh, not real love scenes. No, there is a very good romantic dynamic, but there is no ... well I'll let them cover the movie and see what happens.

ET: There are a few smooches.

Mariah: I'm not going to say. Let them go to the movie.

ET: Oh believe me. I think people will go tothis movie. You won't have a problem packing them in. Now, I know you have ERIC BENET in this movie.

Mariah: And there's been a whole bunch of ridiculous press that says Eric Benet and I are in some love fest. We only have three scenes together in the movie. It's funny because people try to seize any little morsel of a thing to blow it up into a story, but yeah, he's in the movie and he does a really nice song and it's been really cool. It's been good working with him

ET: Do you and Eric have duets? Do you sing duets?

Mariah: We sing one song together, which we have not sung yet, but we've laid it down.

ET: Did HALLE (BERRY - his girlfriend) come to the set?

Mariah: No. So, that was another part of the lie. Halle did not come to the set.

ET: Did she come to scratch your eyes out?

Mariah: No, we would have loved to have Halle come to the set. But she didn't, that whole thing was a complete lie.

ET: What I was also going to ask you, which was in the papers, is about you and LUIS MIGUEL (Mariah's boyfriend).

Mariah: Well, during a movie is not the easiest time in the world to be with somebody, but we find time.

ET: So, everything's okay with you guys?

Mariah: Yeah, why? What was in the papers today?

ET: That he was upset because you can't find time for him, because you're working so much.

Mariah: Thanks for telling me this. Was it in the tabloids? No, I mean, it' s really difficult. He was on tour last year, I went to see him on a tour all over the world. He came to Canada to see me. I went to Mexico in the middle of the movie. Oh, we went to Disneyland and Naples, Florida and we've been traveling when I get a chance and when he getsa chance. So, that's life in the entertainment world.

ET: That's great. Now, you guys have been together for a long time?

Mariah: Almost two years.

ET: That's a long time. Happy?

Mariah: Yes.

ET: Any plans to....

Mariah: Plans to go on a nice vacation and things of that nature.

ET: And that's it. Wedding bells?

Mariah: Hey, if I did I wouldn't say it on TV.

ET: How would you sum up the fun factor here? Are you having a lot of fun?

Mariah: It's been really fun doing this but it's also been a complete turn around, schedule-wise, the six, five in the morning calls. I've never been in one place for this long. I haven't stayed in one place this long for like three years. I'm going to be sad when it's over, and it's almost over.

ET: When's it over?

Mariah: Two days.

ET: Are you going to do more movies after this?

Mariah: I would love to. I love this, it's been a lot of fun.

ET: What would you say to a young girl with a dream like yours?

Mariah: I would just say do it if you really want to do it, but there is a lot that comes along with it. Which is one of the points of this movie. You have to be really at ease with yourself and none of the extra stuff really makes you a whole person unless you get there because of what's in you, not because of the admiration, or the money, or the things that come along with it.

ET: Love the title, 'All that Glitters.' Is it gold or not?

Mariah: We'll have to see.