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Thanks to Shayne for the transcript!

LAMBS! Hi! Yeah, I do believe I'm in the middle of a *whole*
bunch of drama. But what I'd like to say is, if that's gonna make
them happy to keep me in the drama, I'ma stay in the drama!
But, no, no, no seriously, I'm working hard and I'm working hard
to be able to basically, just get on through the day, each and
every day. But that's what we all do. And I do believe that your
letters reflect that. And I wanted to say that I have been reading
the letters. I know you guys think that it's like a complete long
shot, that I'm not, but I really, really have. Listen to this *ruffles paper*.
Those are all the letters and I'm writing my responses down so that
you guys can get them and know that I really do care and it really
meana a lot to me, what you say, the stories you tell me, and what
you're asking me and I'm trying to be as correct as possible in
answering these things and as honest as I can in answering these
things. And I'm still working on my soundtrack and the movie's
coming along really well. And I'm so excited about the movie!
Tatum tots is here. Say hi Mary-ann.

Mary-Ann: Hello!

Jillian is here.

Jillian: Hello.

And we're just looking at the website and I don't understand why,
I mean not that you guys are gonna answer this for me, but why
are the videos so blurry? I mean is that like a problem that I need
to deal with? Help me out. No, honestly, with all the jokes and all
the nonsense I call up with, I know it's so hard for me because my
way of dealing with, when I'm in a kinda like, bad place is turning it
into a joke which sometimes gets me through it. But, honestly,
what I wanted to say is, I appreciate you so much that looking at
these letters just, yeah you bring a nice tear to me eye sometimes.
That's good cause I kinda need to release that energy aswell.

So I love you, I appreciate you, I enjoy you and I revere you in the
highest regard and ie - you keep me alive. So hey! *sigh*
We're gonna get through the struggles. We're gonna get through
the dramas and I'm gonna see you at, I think it's gonna be
called 'Glitters' now. So umm, ya heard? Holla back.
Ya holla back. Bye!