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Thanks to Shayne (again!) for the transcript!

OK. I'm reading, I'm scrolling through *laughs*
I'm scrolling through this lovely artwork *laughs*
that you guys have prepared for me and for each
other and it's a classic, I'm sorry but you're really,
really making me laugh. Yeah! You brought a nice
smile to my face. I'm nursing a cold right now so umm,
I sound a complete mess *laughs* I'm sorry We're
just like scrolling through this and it's really funny.

Anyway, Umm I answered, I guess, I'm not sure how
many - like 20 or so? And I they're going to be up on
the site Monday. Umm and I hope that I did an ok job.
I kinda felt like one of those people that you write in
and that you're like, a columnist that's answering
people's...but I'm not equipped for that. So, I hope
my answers are ok. But anyway, you guys are the best.
I love you much! And I love you, love you, much!
And I will talk to you soon. Bye!