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Isabel Gomes as young Billie

Isabel is a Brazilian native of 11 years of age, that currently lives in the US, daughter of parents that migrated to the US in 1987. The artistic instinct runs through the family, since Isabel is the sister of two musicians, Daniel Gomes (bassist of the bands MSB and Comic Villains) and Joe Gomes (vocalist of the band Comic Villains).

Studying at Fox Lane Middle School in New York, this sixth grader has always had the dream of becoming an actress and has been working towards that goal, which is to professionalize as one someday.

Like any child of her age, Isabel loves to sing, play with friends, animals and just being a kid. But now all she is focusing on is to grab this opportunity that was given to her in Mariah Carey's "All That Glitters". Isabel is very happy to have been chosen for the part and has been receiving great reviews from the production and crew of the film for her great acting.