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               Flight attendant accuses actor of
               assault aboard plane

               CLEVELAND (AP) -- Movie actor Terrence Howard
               was jailed overnight after a Continental Airlines flight
               attendant accused him of assaulting her on a flight from

               The attendant, Meredith Hughes, 23, of Lakewood,
               accused Howard, who starred in ``The Best Man,'' of
               grabbing her wrist and trying to push her so he could
               take his daughter Heavenly, 3, to a restroom, police said.

               The seat belt sign was on and Hughes was trying to coax
               Howard back to his seat, according to Lt. Sharon
               McKay, police spokeswoman.

               Howard was charged with a misdemeanor count of
               assault, she said.

               Howard, raised in Cleveland, was traveling from
               Toronto to Philadelphia for a vacation. In Toronto, he is
               acting in ``All That Glitters'' with Mariah Carey, his
               wife, Lorie, said.

               Lorie Howard, who was with him, said the flight
               attendant spoke to her husband in a derogatory manner
               and he did not touch her.

               During a layover in Cleveland, Howard was questioned
               by police and jailed. His wife and three children spent
               the night in a hotel.

               Rufus Sims, a Cleveland lawyer who said he represents
               Howard, said the actor was to be arraigned on Friday.

               Howard also appeared in ``Big Momma's House,''
               starring Martin Lawrence, and ``Angel Eyes,'' starring
               Jennifer Lopez.