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Logo made by Yvonne, in fact!

The Mariah4 is a collection of four of the best sites to read latest news and information about Mariah. The sites in Mariah4 are all very dedicated to bring you the latest and most accurate Mariah information available. It includes The Mariah Carey Archives, Mariah Online, Mariah's Diary and WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page.

Here are some facts that you may not know about the Mariah4:

  • Jill, Mariah's Assistant, visits these four sites often
  • They are, also, visited by thousands of Mariah fans every day
  • They have recieved numerous website awards
  • They are all extremely dedicated to wonderful miss Mariah =)
  • Mariah personally has visited them all and appreciates them

    So now let's find out more about these fab four sites:

Mariah Carey Archives...


"The Mariah Carey Archives was founded in March 1998 and has since then become one of the most popular websites about Mariah with over 1800 visitors per day. Every day the Archives brings you the latest news and messages from fans. Famous is the most complete discography in the world with over 850 items listed. And if you want to know more about Mariah, just read the biography. This biography is a work in progress and already has 14 chapters."

Three Good Reasons to Visit This Site:

  • Lots of daily updated Mariah news
  • The most complete discography in the universe
  • A great Mariah biography

Mariah Online...


This site started out as "Butterflies Are Free - Mariah Carey Site" in February '98. Since then the site has changed its name, and grown a lot - becoming one of the largest Mariah Carey sites on the net. The news is updated daily, and you will find basically everything you need to know about Mariah on this site. There is also a huge multimedia section for you to enjoy, a classifieds section for you to buy/sell/ trade Mariah stuff with other fans, a virtual post office, and lots more! Enjoy!

Three Good Reasons to Visit This Site:

  • Lots of daily updated Mariah news
  • Huge Multimedia Section
  • Classified section

WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page...


This page started in early 1998 and since then has become one of the most visited Mariah sites. The webpage provides information on the latest in Mariah News, Pics, Quote of the Weeks and Magazines/Important Dates, just to name a few. The webpage also provides more information about the #1 singer of the decade and was created to bring the latest news to her beloved fans. Over the last two years, this webpage has expanded a lot and I continue to try and make it better each day. On May 28th, Mariah visited this site and called me on the phone about it. Along with all that, this webpage is home to one of the Top Mariah Carey Newsletters out there now, InfoMC!

Three Good Reasons to Visit This Site:

  • Lots of daily updated Mariah news
  • The best Mariah Carey Mailing List
  • Tons of exclusive pics and quotes from Mariah

Mariah's Diary...


This was one of the first Mariah sites on the net. The photogallery started early 1995 and the Mariah Diary started late 1996 and has since then had over 4000 newsstories about Mariah. Webmaster Anderz got to meet and talk to Mariah because she liked Mariah's Diary so much! This site takes up about 400 Mb of pictures, sounds and other Mariah info.

Three Good Reasons to Visit This Site:

  • Lots of daily updated Mariah news
  • Tons of Pictures of Beautiful Mariah
  • Home of Friend's of Mariah Message Board