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Thursday, November 23 - 2000
Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to all you MC fans around the world! And for those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have had a great week! Bring on the weekend!

Wednesday, November 15 - 2000
Various News


Hey! Well, I just want to highlight the situation of Against All Odds (feat. Westlife) in Singapore. In the official Singapore Charts in the perfect 10 98.7 FM, it moved up to no.19, which is unusual for a Mariah Carey songas most of her songs literally fly up the charts ('Can't take That Away' debuted at no.18 and jumped to no.10). Unfortunately, in the Power 98 top 40 chart (Another popular Chart), it has fallen out of the charts! I was so shocked as they went down the charts that MC's names was not mentioned.

(Ironically enough, Westlife's 'My Love' was the highest debut at no.24, a chart record the same week 'Against All Odds' fell out. Maybe not many people in Singapore appreciate MC's songs anymore??... sob sob)

Here is what you can do to increase airplay of the single in both power98 and perfect 10. For power98, go to the official website ( go to the requests section and try to request for each timeslot. For e-mail, use a common e-mail (for example hotmail) so as not to arouse suspicion and put in a company name such as McDonalds, Burger King or something like that.

For perfect 10 98.7 FM, go to click on 'Say It With Music' and request for a song. Try to sound like a dizzy teenager(my 24 year old sister's requests never get played because she writes them like a 24 year old) and request it to your parents, siblings, etc. I'm hoping 'against All Odds' will do much better than 'Can't Take That Away' (which peaked at no. 2 in the official charts and no. 4 in the power98 charts)Then, Mariah will get another no. 1 song in singapore. Let's all help her do that. I'll post you on more updates of the charts.


Following Westlife's opinion that the Spice Girls have failed to achieve success in the States the Irish boy band have revealed their plans to crack the America market with Against All Odds

The duet with Mariah Carey, which gained a sixth No 1 for Westlife in the UK's worldpop-sponsored official Top 40 charts, could well be a winner across the Atlantic but the guys were divided as to when the single will be release.

'It's our choice,' stated Kian Egan but bandmate Shane Filan explained that their second stab to win over the US market will not take place at least until the summer when the guys have spent some time in the recording studio in preparation for their third album. 'We can't go over there to promote it with Mariah just yet,' he said. However Nicky Byrne was more optimistic

However Nicky Byrne was more optimistic about Westlife's assault on the States. 'I've a funny feeling we will release it in the future with a new video,' he confirmed laying down the gauntlet for a Spice v Westlife race take over the American charts.

On a lighter note Nicky joked that Mariah Carey has been pestering Westlife with regular phone calls. 'She rings us every Friday night but we don't take her calls.'

Westlife are still streets ahead in the mid-week sales figures for the official worldpop-sponsored album charts with their second album Coast To Coast giving the Spice Girls third album Forever a furious thrashing.

Don't forget to be here at worldpop on Sunday 7pm for the full details of the latest UK official worldpop-sponsored singles and albums charts.

(as found on

CTTA ON NAPLES RADIO - sent in by Simo

Hi! I was having lunch in a restaurant in Naples today when suddenly the radio there played "Can't take that away". I think it's strange, cause I've never heard a radio here playing CTTA.It's not in the italian playlists sadly! Anyway, it's a nice thing cause I love Mariah! It's been such a surprise when I heard that song today! I just thought you should have known.


A special Report from TFI friday: 10/11/00 MAX BEESLEY SPEEKS TO MARIAH'S UK LAMBS Some how I was on the guest list for the show and was therefore invited to sit upstairs. And guess who i started chating too...yep it was Max. I asked him what it was like being in the up coming release ATG and he told me it was an amazing feeling to know that he was in such a great project and with all the feedback he was getting from USA it was likely to be a success. He said working with a woman like mariah was a great experience...she is definately from the rare the looks, the talent and the dedication to do whatever she likes. I asked when the movie was out here in the UK, he told me April but could be all depends on mariah cause she wants to do a publicity bliz in the UK to launch the movie, the soundtrack and the new single off the album...I asked him what it was called & he told me he couldn't tell me that, but it was definately a corker!!!

- Ashes also wrote that AAO has fallen in the UK from #27 to #40

MARIAH AND LUIS ENGAGED?? - sent in by lots of people =o)

Many have talked about the latest mention of Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey being engaged and that he gave her one heck of a diamond ring.

From Ray-

Hello Candice, I just heard on a radio station here in NY (103.5 WKTU) that Mariah & Luis Miquel are engaged but, Mariah is of course denying this rumor. She also denied an engagement rumor when she was engaged to Tommy Mottola!! Anyway, the radio station reporter, Michelle Visage also stated that Mariah is sporting a huge diamond on her finger and that Mariah & Luis will tie the knot after she films her movie in Toronto???? Does this make any sense? Mariah finished filming in Toronto in September! Maybe she meant they will tie the knot after Mariah is done promoting the movie & soundtrack.

Karina was kind enough to send this picture of the two together!

MORE NEWS FROM ASHES! - sent in by Ashes

This month(Nov) we r giving away the AAO UK 12" promo feat the 4 pound boys remixes. We wanted to e-mail and let u know that we are planning on sending Mariah a "Miss U Most at Christmas Time" Poems and Christmas Greetings, and we wanted to include u guys the club members/non members too :p We won't have a lot of time is what we r planning You the members can send in your x-mas greeting/poem for MC(it doesn't nessesarily have to b 100% x-mas related) We want to get it off to MC December 1st so she can get it b4 the deadline is Nov 28th(two weeks) Submit ur message to keep it to ONE A4 page MAX (word for windows in a reasonable that she will read it :p)

Since we have UK Lamb meetings/picnics every now and again we are going to have one on the day of the FIRST PUBLIC showing in London and we want to invite all the UK peeps to come down and join us! We will all meet up that evening for the first showing in C.London at one of the cinemas in Leciester square(for the 6/7pm show),we will then go out after for a meal @ either: 1)Planet Hollywood 2)TGI Fridays 3)The Rainforest Cafe 4)We r open for suggestions? We just thought we would let u all know from now so that as soon as u know the release date in the UK,u know where WE will be at ;)....also so u can get notice b4 might not b that cheap? cinema tix will be MAX £12,for dinner MAX £20/25??? remember thats the MAX and it should be cheaper? If ur interested e-mail and let us know(WE will b going reguardless) and tell us what u would prefer ie dinner wise ok?? If anyone from around the world is planning to be in London during that time pop in to the gathering.

News~~~ WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN YOU GET OUT OF JAIL? "Genius of Love" has, like Mary Shelley's monster, a life all of its own. For Chris and Tina's first production outside of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club, "Genius of Love" was unexpectedly sampled again in 1987 in a remix by Hank Shocklee to make "Tomorrow People," from the Grammy Award-winning album Conscious Party (Virgin), a No. 1 for Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers. In 1995, Mariah Carey also had a huge No. 1 with her own version of the song, "Fantasy." It continues to be frequently sampled by many various artists, including Tupac Shakur and Puff Daddy's roster of Bad Boy rappers and remixers. (Taken From: Tom Tom Club Online)

Here are the latest chart listings from the USA, :

#1's: Number 132 best selling R&B album the year (last week Number 128) Number 198 best selling R&B album of the week (last week wasn't on the list)

Around The World: Number 50 best selling DVD music video of the week (last week wasn't on the list)

Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme): Number 34 best selling single of the year (last week Number 34) Number 58 best selling R&B single of the week (last week Number 59) Number 58 best selling Maxi single of the year (last week Number 58) Number 72 best selling single of the week (last week Number 74)

My All: Number 146 best selling R&B single of the week (last week wasn't on the list) Rainbow: Number 43 best selling R&B album of the year (last week Number 42) Number 105 best selling album of the year (last week Number 103)

Thank God I Found You: Number 5 best selling Maxi single of the year (last week Number 5) Number 7 best selling single of the year (last week Number 7) Number 89 best selling R&B single of the week (last week Number 90) Number 160 best selling single of the week (last week Number 154)


I was on and I was reading the manager of Amazon's list of "Ultimate Divas", and their albums. Neil ranked Mariah Carey no.2 under Celine Dion for Ultimate Divas and said "Mariah Carey is my favorite Diva. She is also, in my opinion, the best contemporary diva!" I'm so glad he appreciates Mariah's music. Other readers..etc. Said Mariah's "#1's" album was their fav of her albums and ranked her no.4, no.7..etc. I think it's great!

PICTURES!!! - First set from Michelle, second is from Tina


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Wednesday, November 15 - 2000
News Updates Coming Soon....

Unfortunatly, I didn't have much time to even look at my computer much less use to it this past week. I should have time to update the news regularly now. Thanks for hanging in there!

- Candice <3

Monday, November 13 - 2000

I'm sorry, the newsupdates are not as many right now, Anderz is sooooooo busy with his new job and Candice also has alot on her mind. Please keep sending lots of news anyway! Here are some messages people mailed me:
Shauna writes:
I just heard something on the Hollywood Hamilton Rythem Countdown. (radio show that plays the top 40 most played songs of the week) A co-host named Maria was interviewing an R&B star named Mya. Mya was in upper New York, on the set of her first movie. Mya says she's making a movie that takes place in the 70's -80's era, rollerblades and everything, and talks about how Jimmy Jam and Lewis are helping to produce her new soundtrack for the movie. Mya's and Mariah's movie's are so closely related, how's that for eerie?

Mya copying Mariah? Well, look at this picture if you don't believe me!:

Pauline writes:
My name is Pauline and I am the president of the newly created TRUE & DEVOTED International Mariah Fans organization named Mariah's Lamby.

Some of you might have heard of us from being an online club, but the club has now been deleted, and has since been made in to an organization with a members-contacting list.

Want to show Mariah your devotion and apprieciation? Want to be recognized by Mariah? Want to make Mariah's life happier? The currently non-profitable Mariah's Lamby has an exciting plan in which we are sure all you Mariah fans would be interested in!!!

We invite you to join our organization now! Currently, we have been working on our newest plan, which is to dedicate a new kind of rose in the honour of OUR diva!! We are to keep this plan confidential for the time-being because we want to hopefully make this happen in time for Mariah's surprise birthday gift for next year. We need YOUR support to make it happen!

If you are in any way interested in joining Mariah's Lamby and to take part of this activity, do not hesitant, reply to: and I will add you to my list and send you all the info. you need to participate RIGHT AWAY!!! Thanks for your time to read this and I look forward to all of your replies!!!

Tommy writes:
Right now there´s something we wanna let you know, and I hope you will support the idea by posting it at your site!!!

Please have a quick look at

Click here for October news.