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The Mariah sightseeing., by Desiree.

Just click the links for the pictures.

The hit factory studios where mc has recorded.

The Metropolitan Club site of MC's wedding reception.

MTV studios Times Square

Electric Lady Studios, Make it Happen recorded here

Harborfields high school, MC's high school

MC's high school

Athletic Fields behind the school

Tennis courts behind the school

Back of the school

Sony studios where MC has recorded

offices of Fresh Air Fund in this building

Boutique of designer of MC 's wedding dress

Boathouse restaurant in Central Park where MC worked.

MC worked at a bar in this hotel

Madison Square Garden where MC has performed

Ed Sullivan Theater where MC made David Letterman show appearance

Radio City Music Hall where Mc has appeared for shows such as the Grammys & MTV awards.

Virgin Megastore site of #1's autograph signing

Tower store site of Butterfly autograph signing.

New York City Opera house where MC's Mom sang.

St. Thomas church where MC married.

Top of St. Thomas church.

Cathedral of ST. John the Divine where MC did Christmas concert

Top of cathedral of St. john

Riverside Church where When You Believe video filmed (one in Prince of Egypt TV Special)

Entrance To The ardsley (Barbra Streisands building) under construction

Top of the Ardsley the building that rejected MC.

Franklin Tower MC's new building (Sorry the bus blocks the entrance, it must have passed just as I was shooting I never saw it.)

Top of MC's new home.

Sony Building entrance

CBS building former owner of Columbia records.