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Monday, September 18 - 2000
Send Your Mugshot
Modog wrote me this:
Could you ask people of the site to send me this:
Best Ghetto Fabulous Shot. ( This could just be a picture of them dressed like some of the people in Madonnas "Music") headrags, rollers. Don't ask why I need them (lol!( just ask them to send them. Its a surprise. Also, could they send pictures and stories of why they are Mariahs' biggest fans!
Mail here here

Monday, September 18 - 2000
Pictures Update!
It's that time again! I hope you're ready for some pictures! =o)
Some I found while searching AltaVista:

Some from Lisa's great picture site, Mariah Mania!

My Butterfly covers...

Monday, September 18 - 2000
Top 25 People Worthy of a Millennium Toast
It was a big article so i cut it down to the MC related part. =o)

According to the survey results, the "Top 5" Americans worthy of a toast to love are: #1 Julia Roberts; #2 Rosie O'Donnell, #3 Tom Cruise, #4 Barry White, and #5 Susan Lucci.

Among women surveyed, talk show diva Rosie O'Donnell came in slightly ahead of Julia Roberts. Interestingly, nearly twice as many men than women surveyed would raise a toast to love to crooner Barry White. Popular daytime television soap opera star Susan Lucci is especially favored as a symbol of love among younger adults surveyed (18-24 years old).

Right behind the "Top 5" toast-worthy for love, according to the survey, are Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and sensational singer Ricky Martin. Other lovable Americans cited include: film heartthrob Brad Pitt, who recently tied the knot with actress Jennifer Aniston; favorite leading man Tom Hanks; and widely popular singer Mariah Carey.

Monday, September 18 - 2000
New Layouts/Designs.....
Anderz gave me the ok to spice up the Diary, so, I'll post diffrent pictures of the layouts and such and YOU can e-mail me and tell me if you like them or a specific one OR give some input! =o)

E-mail me at

Monday, September 18 - 2000
Anderz Goes On Vacation.....
Anderz has been on vacation since Saturday... So if you have any news or artwork or anything, please send it to me. =o). Entries for the contests still need to be sent to Anderz, though. =o)

Monday, September 18 - 2000
Contigo en la Distancia

Mssfijunke was kind enough to let me know more about 'Contigo en la Distancia'. Thankz!!!

Hey I read the thing about "Contigo en la Distancia" And I want to let you know that Luis Miguel is not the only one to sing that song! And if he was he'd have to be 130 years old or so. Because this song is a classic old-school 'bolero,' a type of love song style that was created over 100 years ago. It was A guy named Rudy who presented the song to christina to possibly sing on her spanish album "Mi Reflejo." (It was not Christina thinking Luis Miguel sang it than she should too!) And She did instantly fell in love with the song and the people of the record company were hesitant for her to sing such a classic song, but when they heard her sing it accapella And the tears started rolling down their eyes they knew that she should definitly cover this song. All this info is said and confirmed on christina's offical site :) So there you go looks like Christina And Luis have covered a real beautiful old classic song! Jen

Ps. I wasn't trying to be negative but I just wanted to let you guys know that :)

pps. I have posted in the mariah section of the messageboard a post that has 5 out of the 6 new spanish songs translated into english so look for that:)

Monday, September 18 - 2000
Project: Mariah
Joseph mailed me about his project, Project: Mariah =o)
Talk To Mariah! Heres how this works. I am going to be making a CD with personal messages to Mariah from her Fans. If you want to have a message from you included on this CD, then all you have to do is record a message to Mariah on an audio cassette. (Please keep messages 2-4 minutes only), Send me the cassette, and I will do the rest. It is completely FREE all you need to do is send your tape to me when your ready. As of right now, the deadline for tapes to be in is OCTOBER 31st. I am giving you plenty time so theres NO EXCUSE for you to miss the deadline.

Heres all the mailing info:
Mail Cassettes To:
Joseph Trujillo
38915 162nd St E
Palmdale, CA 93591 USA

Please Include:
-Cassette With your message
-A Piece of paper with your Name, and Contact Info (In case theres problems)
If you have any problems, or questions, Just EMAIL ME (
To visit the site, click here.

Sunday, September 17 - 2000
Interesting Snippet! =o)
Ok. If you are against anything that isn't TOTALLY related to mariah, then don't look. It's just somewhat related to Mariah, but more related to Luis M.
BTW, a big thanks to Annie for sending this in!


HI!! This news is indirectly related to Mariah, but I'm sure a lot of people will be interested, as well as Anderz since he's a Christina fan too. Christina's new album "Mi Reflejo" has a cover of a Luis Miguel song, "Contigo En La Distancia". She performed it live at the Latin Grammys and let's just say, her version is fantastico! So I guess Christina is both a fan of Mariah and Luis!! :)

Sunday, September 17 - 2000
Vote For Mariah As Greatest Diva Ever
Terence mailed letting me know that you can vote for Mariah as The Greatest Diva Ever! The poll is by Singapore magazine 8 Days and MC is losing out to Madonna so far.

Vote For mariah at!

Saturday, September 16 - 2000
AAO Scans!

Gabor mails saying
I am a huge Mariah fan from Hungary and I have some special news for you. I just bought Mariah's new single today. YES on the 16th of September. I hereby send you 2 scans. The catalog number is 669670 2

The tracks are:
1. Single Edit 3:21
2. Album Version 3:25
3. Pound Boys Main Mix 9:09
So the New Single is already out here in Hungary. Hope you can place this info on your site as soon as possible
Here are the scans:

Saturday, September 16 - 2000
AAO Realeased In Ireland

BMC writes:
Against All Odds with Westlife was released as a single in ireland yesterday. The 2 cds are the same as the UK versions and theres a free poster with one of them (which is a limited edition). Mariah looks really well in the poster which is from the same photo shoot as the cover

Saturday, September 16 - 2000
Rainbow Playing In Stores

Hillary writes saying:
Hey Everyone!!!!! I just wanted to say that while I was in a local Foot Locker, I heard Mariah playing. It was the Heartbreaker Remix w/ Brat and Missy! I was so excited, but that's not all ... the Vulnerability Interlude came on and the rest of the CD!! I could not believe it. Of course I stayed in the store till the CD was through! I even asked the guy if he liked MC; he said she was OK, but really put it on cause he didn't want to hear anything else that was there. I am also very happy about Luis Miguel winning the 3 Latin Grammy's!!! I hope that MC and Luis will have time to celebrate. :) By the way, for those of you who were able to see the Latin Grammy's -- Doesn't Shikira (sp?) look very much like Mariah??!?! And guess who was sitting in front of her Tommy Mottola!

Always lovin' Mariah...
Hillary *still very happy about hearing MC!*

Friday, September 15 - 2000
Various news

Brad J writes:
On the website it has interviews with artist, asking questions like who is your major influence and other trinkets. Anyway if you go to their search menu and type in Mariah Carey you can read the interviews of artists who love Mariah like Angela Via (who says Mariah is a big influence on her musically) .

On Musicbox: "I loved every single song on the album. She has her own unique sound and you can hear that coming out of her on that album."

Melissa (who says Mariah is a big influence on her musically) from the new girl group Dream

On Rainbow: "She has an incredible voice and she is my inspiration."

Jason Perry (who says Mariah is a big influence on him musically) from the new christian group Plus One

On Mariah Carey :"I like a lot of big vocals."

Naturi Naughton (who says Mariah is a big influence on her musically) from the new girl group 3LW (3 Little Women)

On Butterfly: "That album was really fierce and different."

There are also countless other who either say she inspires them, or her album was the last they bought, or that they want to spend the night with her! It's a great site and it's good to see that a new rash of artist are inspired by our lamb, Mariah.

Caleb writes:
On the 'Daily One' from VH1 they had a news segment on Mariah. While showing Heartbreaker they said Mariah ensured her body for $10 million. They said they called Mariah's publicist who said it was "total BS."

Want Japanese news? Visit Kaoris (from Love Love Jack site) Mariah Diary. The link is Today she had new news, a handwritten by Mariah taken from Sony Music Online Japan.

To Sony Music Online Japan... but most importantly to my fans!!! Thank you for being here for me through so much.... I will never forget the fact that you are the ones who keep me going.
Love Always!
Your Lamb.... M.C.

Living Petals writes: Mariah is on #4 with "Honey" on Channel V's Top 10 Sexiest Videos. #1 is Jennifer Lopez' "Waiting For Tonight".

Yesterday I (Anderz) sent my interview to radio musical director Erik Bradley, and it included questions about Mariah and radio, so I hope he replies soon. I have also sent interviews to Mike who handled sound and video for Mariahs tours and mr Bronson who works for Billboard magazine. None of them has replied yet but they promised to do so soon! People I plan to interview soon are Mariahs spokeswoman Cindy Berger, her producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, her manager Louise McNauglty (sp), I hope that works out! If you have any suggestion who I can interview, please let me know.

Thursday, September 14 - 2000
AAO TV Special

NYC writes me:
The AAO Tv special was on ITV at about 07.50 am THIS morning and not tomorrow as their website advertised. Basically, it was only about 10 minutes long and showed interviews with Mariah and Westlife in Capri, and various clips of the video. Mariah said she particularly like Mark from Westlife because he gave her a card with a Jack Russell on the front and some Irish Whiskey! After the special was shown, the TV host confirmed the single was out on Monday. Can't wait. I also saw the TV ad for AAO again today. It ends showing the front cover of the single and some outtakews from the video.

Thursday, September 14 - 2000
Loads of latin grammies for Luis!

Lara tells me:
I was watching the Latin Grammy Awards last night and Luis Miguel won Album of the Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, and Best Pop Album. Unfortunately he wasn't there to accept his awards because he was in Mexico. GO LUIS!!!!

Thursday, September 14 - 2000
Story from Lani

She was going to Toronto so I gave her an address where I thought Mariah would stay and she tells me this:
hey Lamb!! i can't get on the board now for some strange reason but i wanted to tell ya about my toronto adventure ;) unfortunately, i didn't get to see mariah. BUT the address you gave me was completely real, my mom and I walked there! The addy is the production office for ATG, and it was closed when we got there cuz it was a Sunday. There was a sign on the door that said "All That Glitters" and i was freaking out and taking lots o pictures of all the signs on the door lol (like it said extras should go around to the other side of the building to Studio 2) So we walked around there (there were tons of trucks like surrounding the building) so when we got to the other part of the building there were doors (locked) but since they were glass i saw in through em and it was all the costumes for the movie!!!! (the sign said ATG costume room, got a pic of that too! lol) oh and i also got a pic of signs that said "reserved parking for ATG" there were these guys hanging around the building but my mother said they were probably working on the other movie and we were scared to ask em about mariah cuz we really werent supposed to be there, we just walked right in past the (empty) security booth into the parking lot, and I still wanted to go back to try the office door again. i was really upset cuz if i had gone on friday (like my loser brother was supposed to take me then but he backed out) then i would have been able to get more info and maybe found mariah. but i decided to stick my letter for mariah under the office door, that way maybe someone there would see it and give it to her. I couldnt leave the lamb i had for her there cuz my mother said someone would take off with it ;) also, its a good thing i didnt cuz it poured rain later on in the day. i just hope my letter didnt get soaked, it was halfway under the door ;) afterwards my mom said we should try the hotel where mariah was but of course i didnt know it!! it seems kind of weird to me that she would be in a hotel for the whole time shes in toronto, if shes been there since July you would think she would wanna settle down in a real home or something! okay, i gtg get me some sleep, im exhausted from the whole trip aqnd i got tons o homework to make up!! thank you so much for the addy though, otherwise i would have done nothing!! mwaaa mwaa mwaaa ;)

Awww, no Mariah. But at least a bit excitement =)

Thursday, September 14 - 2000
Mariah and Olivia

This is from Fred and
30th Anniversary box Set! Olivia Newton John is planning on releasing a 30th anniversary box set in 2001. This will celebrate 30 years since her first hit If Not For You in 1971. Also plans to record duets including Hopelessly Devoted with Mariah Carey, new songs and include some of those rare B sides.

That's all I know about it! Catch Olivia perform at the olympics tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 13 - 2000
A bit fun news (for me =)

Right now on TV4 here in Sweden they had a program about the guests on the popular late night talk show Luuk (where I met Mariah) and they talked about Mariah a short time and the thing they mention was that "Mariah Carey was very open to her swedish fans" =) Yes, as you may remember she invited me to her room so that's very true!!! =) I hope Mariah comes back here Someday!

Wednesday, September 13 - 2000
Mariahs jeans pretty cheap!

Yahoo! announced the results of the Yahoo! Celebrity Jeans Auction, a two-week global online charity auction that featured more than 70 celebrities from Harrison Ford and Drew Barrymore to Mariah Carey and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The auctions in the United States and Japan raised more than $114,000 for the National MS Society, Southern California Chapter. Some highlights: If you had a yen for Leonardo DiCaprio's signed Levis, you had to have 2,501,000 of them (yen) in Japan -- $22,700. Topping the celebrity chart in the United States were Hugh Jackman, David Letterman and Britney Spears. Jackman's screen-worn and signed Wolverine costume from the movie X-Men brought $19,240, Late Show host Letterman's vintage jacket brought in more than $8,000, and Spears' custom-designed pants were worth $7,000. Some other prices: Mariah Carey's Levis 501 blue jeans ($3,030); Jennifer Love Hewitt's red Paris Blue Originals ($2,500); Bruce Willis' Ralph Lauren pants ($2,190); Sean Connery's Levis Red Tab jeans ($2,109); Harrison Ford's Wrangler denims ($1,710); Antonio Banderas' GAP blue jeans ($1,572); and Faith Hill's Levis 501 blue jeans ($1,510).

Only 3000 dollars to get into Mariahs pants?!

Wednesday, September 13 - 2000
Fan artwork

Here is some nice fan artwork I have got:

ol' cadet from Poland made some really fancy wallpapers.

Andry, from the site Simply Mariah sent me an award that is also like an artwork:

Gilbert made a nice cover for Did I Do That:

Ophelie sends the cover of the Japanese DVD of Bachelor, which features Mariah:

Michelle sends a Rainbowheart artwork:

3 cool wallpapers left, this is what Frances sent:

From Gilbert:

And lastly, from Melanie

Wednesday, September 13 - 2000
The song contest

I added new songs now, so far I've got 31 of them online. There are some new contestants and a few people added another song, so check those out.

Tuesday, September 12 - 2000
Nice sites

People ask me alot to link there sites and here are some nice links!

Vincent has a site that has alot of news and other things Mariah, the link is Mariah Carey Shining Star

Sara has a very nice club for Mariah on Yahoo, it's called: Mariah's Petals club

Denise tells me about her site that is a site for lambs everywhere! It is called Diva of All Time

Hmm, it didn't work so good in my browser, but hopefull it works for you.

There is a cool site called Mariah Republic and it's just remodelled, check out the nice new look!
Mariah Republic

That site didn't work in my browser either, maybe I need to get a new one!

Justin has a new site called Mariah Goes Online. Link: Mariah Goes Online

Jen has a new Mariah site and the name is:
Fly Forever Free Mariah

If you are a fan of bad Mariah - Bianca - you need to visit her site at:

If you like those Mariah webgroups you should check out the really nice Triple Mariah Tribute

Hontasy has made a new site which is a Mariah discography one. The link is:
Mariah Discography Archives

Matt Colburn has a nice site called Rainbow of Mariah. To visit use the link:

Eric has a site that is just remodelled and improved. I could not reach it right now, but try yourself! The link is:
The Roof 2000

Ricardo has a site that is about Mariah Carey and more and more! The link is:

Andry has a site for everyone who knows italian, cuz his site is all in italian! The buttons are in english though so you can navigate anyways. The link is:
Simply Mariah : From Italy

Ramon Thomas, a South African living in Abu Dhabi, has a site he wants people to support. The name and link is:
Absolutely Mariah Carey - Help bring Mariah to South Africa
This site is also maintained by my friend Noreen Phillips!

Jad has a new project that he says is gonna be the biggest Mariah site on the net. The link is:
Mariah Kingdom

And lastly, visit the new site of "J", it is called Beam at Mariah

Tuesday, September 12 - 2000
BIIM remembers Mariah.

Heather writes: Hey i just got the new Boyz II men album and they thanked Mariah which i though was pretty nice of them.

Indeed it was!

Tuesday, September 12 - 2000
AAO takes off in the UK.

This is from NYC:
Right now there are TV commercials for AAO. Kinda cheesy ads, but still, the more publicity for Mariah the better. Also commercial radio has started heavier airplay of AAO (at last) and i expect that SMTV/CDUK will have something about Mariah on Saturday. Plus the Mariah/Westlife special is on ITV this Friday around 8.30am.

Tuesday, September 12 - 2000

This is from Sayah and
Mariah Carey has insured her body for $10 million while filming her debut movie All That Glitters.

The superstar singer decided to insure herself when she realised an on-set accident could seriously damage her career.

Naturally the cast and crew of the film, which includes Melanie B's lover Max Beesley, have nicknamed her 'ten-million-dollar-babe'.

"She's got a brilliant sense of humour and is a great sport," chortled an insider. "She loves her new nickname and thinks it's funny. She is telling anyone who listens that she's the ten-million-dollar babe."

Tuesday, September 12 - 2000
Tabloid story

Scott and JJ sent an article from the biggest tabloid in the UK, so y'all don't have to believe all of it =)
In "The Sun", UK's main tacky tabloid, has a Mariah story as its main showbiz "exclusive". I don't have a scanner so i'll type out the article. seeing as though its Mariah.

(headline) Mariah: I have Been Homeless for 2 Years (EXCLUSIVE)

Megastar Mariah Carey has revealed that she has been homeless for 2 yrs. the sultry diva, the worlds most successful recording artist, has been living out of suitcases since splitting with her husband tommy mottola. The longest she has stayed in the same place is 1 month. Millionairess Mariah says she has had to put all of her possessions into storage since moving out of her marital home, a 25million cinderella style castle in upstate New York. The singer, speaking to me during a break in filming her debut movie "All That Glitters" said, "I haven't had a home since I left there, but hey, I' m glad. I've not been in 1 place this long since I started out. I certainly don't feel homesick. I'm from Manhattan but my stuff is in stoarge all over the place. I have had to live out of many suitcases". When Mariah did try to find a home she ran into problems. Her bid to buy Barabra Steisand's New York apartment for 5million failed when the snooty resident's committee banned her because she wasn't "quite right". Mariah whose new single with Westlife - a version of Phil Collins' eighties hit AAO-is out this month, is filming in Toronto. Co-star is Max Beesley, Mel B's new boyfriend.

When I interviewed Mariah last year, she spoke about how depressed she was after splitting from Tommy, boss of her record company Sony.

Now she says her movie- about a singer who overcomes a troubled childhood to find fame- has helped her start again.

Mariah laughed, "At times in this film I have to be an emotional wreck. To play that kind of role you need to have been through a lot. I have been through a lot in my regular life, so i'm used to it".

And she joked, "It's good I have this outlet to release my feelings - otherwise I'd have to live with a therapist". ///
The article was by Dominic Mohan, who is a very annoying columnist, but he was actually nice about Mariah and usually he is nasty about everyone but Oasis.

Monday, September 11 - 2000
Some various news

Great news!
Police have made two major raids on CD counterfeiting operations in Manhattan. The busts, announced last week, were conducted with the help of the anti-piracy unit of the Recording Industry Association of America and resulted in 15 felony arrests and the seizure of nearly 60,000 allegedly illegally copied recordings. The first raid, carried out on a bootleg CD distribution center at West 27th Street on Aug. 30, produced 11 arrests and the seizure of 35,238 counterfeit CD-Rs, or recordable CDs, including titles from such artists as Whitney Houston, Ricky Martin and Mariah Carey. The second bust, conducted on Aug. 31, turned up 24,150 CDs in a commercial building on lower Broadway. Police made four arrests at the scene.

I got this mail, check it out:
My name is Patrice i live in France and I write you for know if you want trade videos, concerts or pics. If you are interested, you can see my videos stuffs at this adress: CLICK HERE

Shauna reminds me that we need to go to and suggest awards that Mariah should win!
Mariah needs a lot of freaking nominations for doing the things she does best. We have at least a fighting chance with that VH1 fan choice awards - to get MC some recognition.

My friend, the beautiful Brittany, loves to draw Mariah as you can see below. Her planner is a complete and total but nice looking mess, don't ya think!

Monday, September 11 - 2000
Maybe something for Mariah?

This is from Calgary Sun and it mentions Mariah:
Jamie Foxx can't seem to find someone to share his star.

Foxx has been signed to replace Will Smith in the latest remake of A Star is Born. This fourth incarnation of Star was originally a vehicle for Whitney Houston, but the the diva has departed the project.

"The movie's still very much a go, but Whitney is gone. That's no longer a rumour," says Foxx.

"I've heard the producers have been talking to Lauryn Hill. I'd love to work with her. She is such a fantastic singer.

"There's also been talk about Mariah Carey and Aaliyah."

Judy Garland, Janet Gaynor and Barbra Streisand played the female lead in the previous versions.

"This new version is going to be much sexier and darker. It has a real hip-hop sensibility."

Foxx says he looked to entertainers such as Bobby Brown and Ike Turner for the inspiration for his character, a self-destructive singer.

"There's definitely a bit of Bobby Brown and Ike in my interpretation of this guy. He's not necessarily abusive to everyone around him, but abusive to himself. But he can also see talent in another person and knows how develop it."

Oliver Stone, who directed Foxx in Any Given Sunday, may direct this new A Star is Born.

Why do a fourth version of the same movie though?

Monday, September 11 - 2000
About those grammies.

I think many of you, including me, are a bit confused how that works so here are the essential facts from Ryan:
Hey Anderz, I noticed there has been talk on your site about Mariah being nominated for a Grammy this year. Some of the info given was kinda misleading. First off, all material eligable must have been RELEASED after October 1st of 1999 and before September 30th, 2000. Then there is a certain process. I thought I'd fill Mariah fans in on how that works.

First off, the Record labels must submit material that they think is Grammy worthy. The officials may decide to choose material not submitted however, but apparently that is rare.

Second, experts in specific fields review the submitted material whether it be Jazz, Pop, R&b or rap (or whatever). This section is just to make sure all material submitted is eligable.

Thirdly, ballots are then sent out with all the eligable recordings to voting officials. NOTE! Officials are only allowed to vote in categories of their expertise (eg. Someone who specifies in Jazz, cannot vote for BEST FEMALE POP VOCAL PERFORMANCE). However, they all vote for the 4 general awards (SONG and RECORD OF THE YEAR, ALBUM OF THE YEAR and BEST NEW ARTIST).

Once those votes are tallied, a second round of ballots is sent out and the votes are VERY VERY secretly tallied. Winners are not announced until the night of the awards. In this round of voting the officials may vote for the 4 general awards and 8 of 27 other fields.

I hope this is a bit of help, but it does narrow down Mariahs chances for gettig nominations. Personally, I think Mariah's best best for a nod is BEST R&B SONG, and BEST FEMALE R&B VOCALS for CRYBABY.

For more info regarding this process, see

So now you know! It's up to Mariah's label (Tommy?) to submit Mariahs songs for nominations! I don't know if I feel good about that =/

Monday, September 11 - 2000
About those breasts.

I get questions about this in mail all the time (it's true!) so I thought I would take a conversation I just found at the messageboard of Reginas WildCatHG site. Don't continue reading this if you are a sensitive person.

honestly you guys, i believe mariah did get breast implants. i love her to death and everything like that, but mariah's boobs changed dramatically from the butterfly video to the heartbreaker video. in the butterfly video (also the "my all video) her boobs look so small and they look like big momma jommas in the heartbreaker video. even if you lose weight the boobs will also shrink, so mariah can deny it all she wants, but i as well as most of the world will always believe that she did get them done. don't get me wrong, i really love mariah. and i don't think theres nothing wrong with implants, i just don't get why people don't admit that they got implants when it's soooo obvious.

ANDERZ replies: Because Mariah said she didn't, easy as that.

STACY replies: Uuuuuhh...I don't know if you're a guy
but I'm assuming you are so I'm gonna fill you in a little on weight gain/loss and breasts. It's hard for a lot of women to lose weight in their breasts after a big gain. In fact, I think it's pretty common. The only way I know to tell you about it is to get a little graphic. Take for example my two sisters: Both used to be small A cups (the smallest common bra after the "training bra") and now, after having babies, they are C's. One of them even lost most of her weight and her boobs never went back to A. And I have also had a weight gain and loss and my boobs stayed bigger than they were before I packed on the pounds. Just because you lose weight doesn't mean it'll inherently make a difference in your new bra size. For some women it will and for others it won't. I'm not commenting on the supposed boob job either way...just clearing up that little bit o' confusion for you.

LEXI replies: MC and implants? That's a "fantasy"!

After the premiere of 1999's "Heartbreaker" video, many critics speculated or even insisted that Ms. Carey indulged in breast enlargement surgery. This, despite the dresses with plunging necklines and their swelling servings of skin, is not the case.Mariah asserts, "I'm exactly the way I was born."
But, you don't believe her, right? What about all the bosom that you see swelling and spilling out of those fancy dresses at awards shows and scanty outfits in magazine pictures (like the Rolling Stone image to the left) ? Well, if you examine the images above (if you thought she had a boob job at all, that means you were already looking anyway ), you can see that this illusion is created by a good, old-fashioned push up bra. The only difference in her cleavage between these pictures is created by the position of her arms. And then there's the videos, right? Another part of the illusion is the camera. In the "Heartbreaker" video as well as the "Crybaby" and "CTTA" video, they often have MC's motions slowed down. This brings attention to the motion of her breasts and makes you believe that they are bigger than ever due to the fact that you never noticed them before. Granted, in the "Heartbreaker" video, she does not appear to be wearing a bra (when she was in the pink..when she was wearing red,as Bianca, she obviously had some Wonder Bra power going on). But consider this, in the "Fantasy" video, her breasts looked really large,too, yet nobody thought she had implants.

Sunday, September 10 - 2000
Lovely loveletter!

Welcome back to Jennifer who writes:
Hello!!! For some reason I had lost your webpage and had been looking for it for almost two years!!! And I found it tonight!! YIPHEE!! A while back I had sent you my Mariah love Letter....since then I have updated it and wanted to send it to you it is....I hope you enjoy it!!! Jennifer.

It's a nice letter!

Sunday, September 10 - 2000
What has happened to this site!?

Well, newsupdates hasn't been as many as usual because I get a bit tired of it when there are no real big news! Hopefull it will change soon, and I will try to update alot more often. Please send me news if you find some.

Sunday, September 10 - 2000
Cool CD-singles!

Michelle and Scott told me the tracklisting for the two cool Against All Odds CD-singles from the UK:
CD #1
1)MC feat. W.Life AAO 2)Pound Boys main mix
3)AAO MC only
4)Enhanced cd: W.Life interview

CD #2
1)AAO Feat W.Life
2)AAO W.Life only
3)Pound Boys dub mix
4)Enhance cd:aao remix video.

Especially the video will be cool to have on single! NYC tells me more UK news:
UK fans can also look forward to seeing Mariah everyday next week on ITV's GMTV (breakfast TV). I saw an ad stating that the worlds best selling female and the UK's best selling boyband are featured in a TV special to be shown all next week. It also showed a clip of Mariah talking, looking delicious as always.

Also, the Making Of The Video for AAO is now being shown on MTV UK, although I haven't yet seen it myself. And Mariah is still No.3 on MTV Select!

Sunday, September 10 - 2000
Award nomination for Mariah

Jake says that Mariah is nominated for Ultimate Diva in an award called DMX awards. The nominees are:
1. Mariah Carey
2. Gwen Stefani
3. Celine Dion
4. Faith Hill
5. Jennifer Lopez

As you can see only two of the nominees are anywhere close to being divas =) Music fans can visit the DMX MUSIC web site ( to cast their vote.

Click here for August news.