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Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Mariahs getting closer to that UK #1.

This is what NYC tells me:
On CDUK, the main chart before the official Top40 tomorrow placed Mariah & Westlife as a new entry at No.1!!!! The CDUK chart is a very good indication of the official Top 40, so this is very good news indeed. COME ON MARIAH!!! I'll be waiting with baited breath tomorrow. The official chart is on between 4pm-7pm, so as soon as I've heard the news about AAO I'll let you know.

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Mariah highest debut on tracks!

What is that you might ask, mc-Jens tells us:
I have very good news. Today on Tracks, which is a top20 chart on the national radio station P3 in Sweden aired every Saturday where the listeners call in and vote for the songs, "Against all odds" was this week's highest new entry and also the rocket of the week in at #3 !!!! That has not happened with any Mariah song since "Without you" !!! So I guess we can thank Westlife for that, but of course it's also thanks to Mariah. Westlife are really popular in Europe and maybe AAO is such a popular song that it helps Mariah in this case. She hasn't had a real hit here in ages :( But now it looks set to be one !!! I'll let you all know where the single debuts on the singles chart next week.

The chart is at

This is almost too good to be true, but I guess it's never too late for a hit :))) AHHHHH :) Let's hope it gets a #1 entry on the UK TOP 40 tomorrow night also !

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Tribute to... Anderz!

I didn't wanna put this in the news before, but why not, it's so nice! I miss you Almu. Click here to see what I'm talking about.

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Various news

Bine writes (more from her in a newsstory below)
I have just read and signed the online petition:
"Mehr Rotation fόr MC-Videoclips"
hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself. Hopefully, all fans over the world will support our petition so that MTV Germany will be shown that their ignorance towards MC fans will be soon spread all over the world and that they will be losing their reputation if they keep on neglecting Mariah and her fans as well!

This is from Michelle:
There is a new version of Rainbow out has AAO feat. W.Life on it...I was cd/vinyl shopping today in C.London and i came across Rainbow with a sticker saying it feat. that song on it but the cd sleeve and the tracklisting on the back is the same.....The cat.# is 4950605 5 i was just in Tower Records in Picadilly and they had about 20 old albums in the rainbow section...this makes me think what r sony up to??? R they going to promote the album again with the remix on it or not???

I do wish Sony would do some promotion, but I don't know what Michelle meant with again since there never was any in the first place =)

Michael Chan sends me the scans of the CD:

My next mail says:
Amber aka SweetieChops talking, in fact. And I just want to let you know that the "Rainbow" album is positioned at #5 at the moment, in fact, on the Columbia House Top 20 Countdown :)

Anderz says: that is good news because if Mariah sells alot on those clubs she might get certified again to 4 platinum. But it's also a bit bad because Mariah gets basically almost no money at all for CD's bought in the CD-clubs compared to a regular recordstore.

Jen writes me:
I was looking at and I saw that they were selling a mariah watch for 19.95 ! This is the info beside the watches picture: The chart-topping diva of the 90's, Mariah Carey, is featured (in color, no less) on this cool watch. Hit a high note and induldge yourself with this time piece.

Against All Odds is released in Japan and Shino sends me the picture:

Kristy O'Connor writes me:
I was looking throught the FAQ'a at the Britney Spears site & found this:
You have said that you especially admire Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. What about these two singers is inspiring to you? Answer:
I love their style of music and the way their voices electrify you!

Question: What was your most influence on singing when u were growing up?
Courtney A.
Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were my biggest influences. Madonna and Janet Jackson were, too. Brit

One of the coolest girl I know, Brittany, wrote new lyrics to Mariahs song Looking In:
I re-wrote Looking In ...from a fan's point of view, and it's happy, but sappy. ;) I'm sure it could cause ME to shed a tear if I were MC, and a fan sang it to me:

You look at me and see a fan
Who's just like every other lamb
But don't believe
That's all there is to me...
I love my life and love you, MC.

Your songs can wipe away my tears
And comfort me through all my fears
Your smile keeps me
Contented every day
And let me confess if I may
That you are in my heart to stay

But don't say I love you for just your music
There's so much more in you that's proven
Pleasing all fans when you're demanded
I understand...

I'm sure you know you've always been
A shepherd guiding me through the end
Well, here I am
A lamb for you, MC.
And They can't take that away from me;
Those who don't wish me to be.
Only you will know the real me.
*** writes:
Fan of Mariah Carey, I have more than 35 videos from europe, usa, asia, from 1990 to 2000, with interview, news, special tv show, concerts and more than 240 different live. If you are interesting to trade with me, look my home page and after write me. Click here to visit.

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
AAO #1 in...

Ireland! Well, Westlife are from Ireland so I think them being on the song helped it a little =) Here is what William writes:
just listened to the official irish top 30 on the national radio station - 2fm, and guess who went straight to the top spot? Mariah Carey and westlife of course!!! Kian from westlife spoke to the presenter saying they were thrilled with their #1 and thanked all their fans etc for the support.

Thieir biggest rival on the uks sunday chart is 'zombie nation' which came in at #7 in ireland. I can almost gaurantee you that AAO's will be #1 in the uk. I live near the north of ireland so I bought cd1 there and then I bought cd2 in the republic-so i contributed to both charts, kinda cool-eh?

you have to listen to the song to appreciate it and what a beautiful song it really is. everyone loves it.

fingers crossed for sunday,

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Really sad story about Mariahs stylist =(

I heard about this before, but now the Oct. 2nd 2000 issue of US weekly has a long story about the death of Mariahs stylist Tonjua Twist. This is so increadibly sad and such a waste! =( Read it on the images below, thanx to Steve for sending:

So sad! I can say that I understand how Tonjua felt, I was in the same state earlier this year but I went through it and now I feel better. I looked in my newsarchive because I remember one thing someone wrote to me that saw Mariah on the day she got the news about Tonyas death. This is from Bine (I shortened the story)
Friday, May 26, 2000: Mariah was in germany singing AAO and TGIFY and Bine sees her, and afterwards she write:
finally - one hour later - Mariah's silver limo stopped in front of the hotel and everybody cheered when she stepped outside. She looked amazing. This time she wore a blue jeans with glitter (just as the Top of the Pops-jeans) and a blue top. And she had pink peony-flowers that she wanted to give away. She just came to our side. There was this camera-guy again and he filmed us and Mariah while she signed. I could take some pictures and was able to ask Mariah if she had already read my letter I gave her the night before. She said she's sorry but she didn't have time yet. But I think it was sweet. Mariah didn't have her sunglasses on this time because it was drak actually but I think that is definitely something special. :-) When Mariah went over to the right side of the waiting fans and autograph-hunters, there wasn't too much left of the flowers to give away. So Mariah picked up one flower and pulled out the petals (my friend told me afterwards she said something like „Now let's make petals!“ :-) and handed them out to the fans! Isn't that sweet? I think it is. She's such a nice person, just a remarkable woman. There is absolutely no sign at all of the star that is spoiled or not down to earth. Mariah isn't. She's the loveliest person I know and nobody can't take that image away from her! When Mariah was finished with all the signing she went inside the hotel and we were going to.

Saturday, May 27, 2000: Bine and friends had waited outside the hotel for over 9 hours just to see Mariah.
I was almost crying because 9 hours and now this...shouldn't we be lucky again and meet Mariah? Everybody was upset but there was no chance. We had to go outside. It was shortly before 7 when there was a little action. Michael and the other managers and assistants had been running around already before that with their cellphones cursing everything... :-) we were not that happy as well. So when Mariah finally left the hotel - all of her bodyguards beside her - I was saying „Mariah, we're here since 9 in the morning!“ but she just looked and didn't say a word. She didn't smile with her open mouth she just pressed the lips together. I was repeating but she didn't react. She looked so beautiful in her orange short summer-dress. And she had beautiful curls ... but her sunglasses, so we couldn't see her eyes. To all of us she seemed so unhappy...really sad or seomthing. Something must've happened inside of that hotel that day. 10 hours had passed since we arrived and all that to see Mariah for just 5 seconds (Michael said „No autographs now, we'll miss the flight!“) was really disappointing. But what really upset us was the fact that Mariah looked so unhappy. She didn't even say „Hi!“ or „Bye!“ like she always does. No sign of anything. I just know that I was so in shock about the whole situation that I couldn't move. All my friends were going towards the car where Mariah was in. And Uwe, the friend that lived near Stuttgart, told me afterwards that Mariah had just put her head back on the seat and looked really sad. Well, that's how my day ended and the series of Mariah-meetings. Of course we were really troubled now - we were thinking about what had made Mariah feeling so down.

I'm pretty sure Mariah heard about her friend Tonjuas death that day =( If any of you people out there feel depressed, tell your friends and family about it, and ask for help! Because there is great help with medinices and things.

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Derek Jeter about Mariah!

I published something from his new book before, but he wrote alot more about Mariah, Ginger writes from his book, Derek seems to be so nice!! And being a supercelebrity like Mariah seems to be hard =/ (Thanx to Sura)
I'm not in the music business, but I don't have to be to realize what a superb accomplishment it is for someone to have 14 number-one hits. Mariah had as many number-one hits as anyone except Elvis Presley and the Beatles. That would be like getting compared to Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron in my business, so that's incredible. You see a lot of people and a lot of bands who have one hit song and whose popularity lingers for a year or two before they disappear, but Mariah is not like that. She is a star with staying power and she is someone I learned a alot from, someone I still consider a friend.

The one thing I couldn't adjust to was the endless attention we received. I'm used to being in the spotlight when I'm playing baseball because the games are televised, our pictures are in newspapers and magazines, and fans recognize us when we go to and from games. But I wasn't used to the attention that we got for simply dating each other. I don't know when two orders of rigatoni suddenly became so newsworthy, but I didn't like being hounded that way. For on-the-field stuff, I expect the attention. But off-the-field stuff is different. I don't want to be bothered all the time.

It's tough for two very high-profile people to have a relationship because there is no privacy. Though it seems like every other person in New York City knows who I am, I can still go a lot of places in the United States and not be recognized, and I can be even more anonymous when I'm outside this country. But Mariah is on another level in terms of attention. She can't go anywhere in the world where people don't recognize her. Someone in every country has probably seen her on MTV or seen her compact discs in stores. So she was used to this attention and it didn't bother her the way it bothered me.

I know there are people who have said that I should have known that any relationship between the Yankee shortstop and a pop superstar would naturally cause the tabloid newspapers and television shows to go ballistic. Of course, this was a big story. It was Derek and Mariah. Right? Wrong. I'm not saying I didn't expect some attention. That would be ignorant. I'm just saying I didn't like having my personal life so scrutinized and I didn't want to have to deal with it.

When she visited me in Tampa, Florida, during spring training in 1998, it was ridiculous for us to try and do anything. We'd go out to dinner and people would gawk at us and ask us for autographs, and the next morning I would hear disc jockeys on the radio talking about our evening. They would dissect the reasons we went to a certain restaurant. Once a waiter said that I had left a huge tip to impress Mariah. How silly is that? Why would I have to impress her? Every time I go out, I leave a good tip. I'm fortunate enough to be making a great salary, and I appreciate good service. Leaving a big tip? How would that impress her? Yet, that's what was on the radio.

Then I would get to Legends Field to play baseball and there would be interview requests from entertainment shows and tabloid shows. Come on. I'll talk to anyone from any news media outlet about baseball. I realize it's part of our job and it's important to help promote the game, but I didn't want to do interviews about my personal life with anyone. I don't see how two people like Mariah and me could have made it work. I would have been very tough.

I think the media scrutiny that we got had a lot to do with why we're not dating anymore. She might have been used to it, but I wasn't and didn't think I'd ever be comfortable with that kind of attention. I'm used to going to Yankee Stadium, and if I make an error, I talk about it after the game and it's over with. The next day is a new day.

But, when I was with Mariah, almost every day someone was coming up to me with a different story that I'd be asked to confirm or deny. It was too much. My personal favorite was someone writing I took Mariah to a strip club on one of our dates and she seemed to enjoy it. A strip club? Where do people concoct this stuff? Obviously, the attention made things uncomfortable for me and it contributed to the end of our relationship. I still consider Mariah a friend, though we don't talk too much anymore. She did leave my parents tickets for one of her concerts at Madison Square Garden last April, and I'm sure she would have left one for me, too. I like her music, but I didn't go with them because we had a game the next day, and because I didn't want to get the rumors fired up all over again. She's a friend. That's it.

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
New message from Mariah!

Yes, there is a new message from Mariah at the official Mariah Sony site. You can hear this brand new voicemessage if you CLICK HERE!

Well, it wasn't so interesting though, Shayne typed it:
Hi!(high) Yeah I do believe that I left a message the other day but I didn't say that it was Mariah calling so I don't know if it got up or what happened! But it's like my - I guess it's about to be my last day of shooting in Canada and then I get, I don't know, like two days off and then I will be finishing up the movie in my hometown, which would be New York, in fact. And it's been really, I'm really having a good time. I mean it's like, I'm really exhausted but I'm really having fun. And I've met a lot of nice fans and people of that sort here. And it's been really good and I'm getting really excited about the soundtrack and just, you know, working really hard. So, I hope that you guys enjoy it and, umm, I don't know. I guess I'm gonna be in New York like Tuesday or something. But, yeah, don't think that I forgot about you! Or that I'm not making music cause I'm really excited as I just said two seconds ago about the soundtrack. And, umm, I'm getting back into the studio and stuff and really excited about the movie. So, umm, I hope that you like it aswell and maybe I'll see some of you in New York and, umm, I enjoy ya! And I miss you and I love you. Buh-bye.

Oh, yes, if you read this and is nice and is a fan of my site and Mariah and lives/is going to NY soon you can mail me cuz I need some help!

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
I've got something on my mind!

This is what lovely miss Shauna mails me, she has alot on her mind:
About TRL:
What's going on in your world? I'll give ya some tid bits here. I was watching the greatest moments of TRL and so obviously MC has to be in there somewhere right? Well, it showed some bloopers of fans requesting her and getting tongue tied and then a little later was a segment when Mariah had called in over the phone. She announced that she was "completely nude and in the shower right now." She was singing and was in a really good mood while Carson was getting as close to the screen as possible saying he was trying to see her. Um, yeah.

About bikinis:
I work at the Reniassance Festival and with the requirement of wearing the clothes of those time with all of the corsets and bustiers - you would understand how easy it is to make yourself appear to be a size bigger or smaller then you actually are. I find it laughable that people are even considering how natural Mariah is. Plus, when she went to that place ( i forget now what it was called) where she was trying to swim with the dolphins - the bikini she was wearing was similar in style and everything else to the one she wore on an MTV Spring Special back in '98 - the only thing different was the color. She still fit into it like she did before.

About copying songs:
Mariah recorded and filmed TGIFY here and I can tell you that this was mainly her baby. I recorded the segments that our local chanels had and it showed MC, 98, and Joe in a tiny recording studio with Jam and Lewis and they were all rolling with the punches. In an interview Mariah had said she had the chorus and melody of TGIFY in her head in Capri and she came to Jam and Lewis to help fill in the gaps for her. Granted the chorus part and some of the rythem of 'another one of those love songs' sounds similar - but I can recall about 6 other songs that I've heard that sound similar to that as well. Not to mention if your working with a lot of the same people some of the styles are bound to sound somewhat alike and there are thousands of songs out there - no song is always 100% different from every other song ever made. What is kind of suspicious about all of this is that these people have waited over a year and a half before saying anything at all. You'd think they would have mentioned something right away when it was out, popular, and playing all the time. They must have had to do some serious digging if it took them two freaking years to realize their was a rythem that sounded similar - 'cause nothing else does! The beat, lyrics, and everything else is completely original.

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Mariahs publicist denies stealing (of course)

I agree with miss Shauna in the news above, why it take them so long to figure out they wanted to sue Mariah, the songs been out over a year! Well, this is what Mariahs publicist says (Thanx David and Entertainment Weekly magazine)
"several musicologists have stated that there is no copyright infringement. Mariah, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Sony did not copy that song."

Saturday, September 23 - 2000
Mariah looses cool poll again.

Daphne is a really mad girl right now, she writes:
remember 8daysonline Divas' Poll? is the printed result in the magazine

Madonna 55.3% 82,284
Whitney 32.9% 49,033
Mariah 9.8% 14,528
Celine 1.8% 2,657
Barbra 0.1% 174
Aretha 0.1% 171

Here is the interesting bit, this poll is obviously rigged! The last time I checked, Mariah was way ahead of Whitney. Whitney wasn't even close to the 40,000 mark. In fact, it is Mariah who should be in the 2nd spot. So, I'm requesting fans to 'complain' to 8 Days Magazine by emailing them. Perhaps it was a mixed-up on their part OR the poll is rigged.

Could u also add that fans living in Singapore personally write in to 8 Days Mag to complain. The address is

Word of Mouth, 8 DAYS,
Caldecott Publishing,
Techpoint, #01-06/08,
10, Ang Mo Kio Street 65
Singapore 569059

Fax: 483-7256 ( anyone can help out )

Thursday, September 21 - 2000
Mariah wins a cool poll.

Alen writes:
On there was a poll: Who's the greatest Diva of them all?? Well I follow the situation a couple of days. Madonna was in the lead all the time (when I started paying attention to the poll Madonna was in the lead, and Mariah was 2nd, with 30.000 difference). Today the poll is gone, but I found the results. Here they come:
Mariah Carey 41.6 % 142271
Madonna 40.4 % 138036
Whitney Houston 15.8 % 54061
Celine Dion 1.6 % 5347
Aretha Franklin 0.3 % 968
Barbra Streisand 0.3 % 968

So: We all knew Mariah was gonna win, even though Madonna was leading by 30.000 votes. And can you thank all the Mariah fans for voting for Mariah? 'Cuz again it shows Mariah fans are the best, because they're a fan of the best!!!! Way the go!!!:))

Thursday, September 21 - 2000
17.000 + for Mariah!

NYC mails me this about the UK charts:
Here is a newspaper article on the entertainment page of "The Sun";

"Westlife are set to break their own record with an amazing SIXTH straight No.1.

New single Against All Odds is topping the midweek chart and has sold 17,000 more than nearest rival Zombie Nation."

Weird that the article didn't even mention Mariah though.

Thursday, September 21 - 2000
Various news.

Adrian from Venezuela sure loves to check out those fine girls down there and this is his report:
It seems like Mariah is starting to make some impact over here, in terms of fashion that is. About a month or so ago I saw two girls in a mall wearing the Mariah Jeans, not just the waistless jeans but the Mariah cutoff-waistband style. Isn't that cool?! I don't know if they've done it themselves or they're selling them already at the stores, which I doubt 'cause I still have not gone to a store that is selling the Mariah pants. I thought it was just something I'd see once, but then there's this new soap opera here on one of my local TV stations (in Venezuela) and my mom told me that one of the women there had the cutoff jeans, and yesterday I was watching that show and she was wearing another different pair of cutoff jeans. Then today I was walking around the halls of my university and a girl (very cute btw!) had the cutoff-waistband blue jeans. So I don't know, now I'm noticing that even more and more, and only young girls with cute bellies too! ;)

This discussion just won't end, will it - Temi writes (don't read if you are sensitive)
Apparantly, there was an online discussion at E! Online and one of their gossip columnists actually defended the fact that Mariah's breasts are real. I found the summary of what happened at
September 11, 2000 - Mariah Carey's massive breasts were part of an online discussion with E! Online's Ted Casablanca last week, where he defended their realness, saying "Can't the poor woman just have a big natural rack without going under attack? If Louis gets tired of Mariah, it's gonna be over her mouth, not her mammaries." When another questioner again claimed the boobs were fake and only looked real because her implants are behind the muscle, Ted retorted "I take it you were in surgery when this operation happened. So, perhaps you can explain how this proposed enhancement took place?"

Funny picture taken from the amazing picture site by Lisa at THIS LINK

More about Madonna:
With the advance of "Music" (Maverick) to the top of The Billboard Hot 100, Madonna becomes only the sixth artist in the rock era to achieve at least 12 No. 1 hits. By racking up an even dozen chart-toppers, Madonna ties the Supremes and pulls into fifth place among acts with the most No. 1's. Madonna needs eight more to match the Beatles, who have 20. Five more will bring her even with Elvis Presley, who has 17. Just three more will match Mariah Carey's total of 15, and with her next No. 1 title, Madonna will tie Michael Jackson for fourth place, with 13. Madonna's 12th No. 1 hit comes 15 years and 10 months after her first, "Like a Virgin." By comparison, the Beatles' 12th No. 1 hit, "Paperback Writer," came two years and five months after their first, "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Presley had a span of exactly four years between his first No. 1, "Heartbreak Hotel," and his 12th, "Stuck on You." Carey took seven years and one month to go from "Vision of Love" to her 12th No. 1, "Honey." Among the artists with the greatest number of No. 1 hits, only Jackson took longer to achieve his 12th chart-topper. Counting from "Ben," his first solo No. 1, it took 19 years and two months to get to "Black or White."

Koh writes:
I just found out that Mariah's homecoming will be played in STAR World which could be viewed in Asian countries
This is from
Thursday, Sep 28 at 20:00(HKT) / 17:30(IST) / 16:00(UAE)
Friday, Sep 29 at 00:00(HKT) / Thursday, Sep 28 at 21:30(IST) / 20:00(UAE)

Here are some pictures I've got:

This wallpaper is from Ol'cadet:

Michelle sends these nice screencaptures:

Andrew made this nice artwork:

Michael sends this great picture of Mariah I didn't see before!

Nikki sends this picture from dutch magazine Hitkrant.

Ophelie sends these two nice photos:

My favourite MagicGirl from the site sends me an artwork she made:

Tavie sends a drawing she made:

And the last picture is from Mari from Spain who says she met Mariah many times and will send more pictures and stories soon:

Lastly, Chris sends me the midweek saleschart for the new UK single chart that will be done on Sunday:
02 (NE) ZOMBIE NATION – Kernkraft 400
03 (01) MODJO – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
04 (NE) BILLIE PIPER – Something Deep Inside
05 (NE) ANASTACIA – I’m Outta Love
06 (NE) PINK – Most Girls
07 (02) KYLIE MINOGUE – On A Night Like This
08 (04) SONIQUE – Sky
09 (03) S CLUB 7 – Natural
10 (06) SUGABABES – Overload

Thursday, September 21 - 2000
One of those lovesongs.

Seasoned songwriters Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell have filed suit against the pop star, her record label (Columbia), and producer Terry Lewis, among others, claiming "Thank God I Found You" from 1999's Rainbow borrows heavily from a 1998 song by Xscape entitled "One of Those Love Songs," from the album Traces of My Lipstick, which Swirsky and Campbell sold to SoSo Def Recordings through EMI in 1998.

This is a realaudio of the Xscape song, you can listen yourself and compare it to Thank God I Found You (thanx Clint and Susana)

Here is what people has been mailing me about the "copying":
i have to say that the music is very similar to one another, but all music sounds the same these days that i am sure that the case will be thrown out. also don't think that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis will steall someone elses song because they are so talented.

it sound really similair to "Thank God I Found You" but the beat sounds very slightly different probably so they would not have to credit the original creator of the song.
I have the Xscape cd and it does sound similiar to "Thank God I FOund You".....not indentical but similar. I just hope that they're not able to get anything off Of Mariah for it....b/c Mariah is not a copy cat! Well hope I helped a lil ;)
anderz i heard that song that xscape is soing mariah for and there's some parts that are simliar to thank god i found you but i dont think it's enough to actually win the case against mariah. the regine velasquez song is more similar to tgify than this shitty song.
When I heard about that Law Suit you posted on your site, I had to hear the Xscape song, so I downloaded it, and although the chorus has minimal reseblance to "Thank God I Found You", the songs are nothing alike. If you played both songs back to back, I bet no one would say "Hey, those songs are the same!". This lawsuit is bogus, just some guys jealous that Mariah makes whatever she touches turn to gold, while they continue to be failures. You're right when you say this lawsuit will be another failed attempt.
If you listen to the track especially the last few seconds of the "One of those love songs" by Xscape you can definatley hear the similarities. I feel sad that this has happened since Mariah is so creative that she doesn't need to "steal" someone else's music. I think perhaps she was mislead by whoever helped her with the track. I truly believe that she would have iven credit to the songwriters had she been aware of the situation.

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Mariah, Westlife are favourites for #1.

Zooropa and writes about the UK charts:
Westlife look set to achieve their 6th consecutive No.1 single on Sunday, according to early midweek sales figures. Their Mariah Carey collaboration, 'Against All Odds', is expected to match the No.1 status of Phil Collins' 1984 original.

And the Madonna fans out there will like the news for the album chart:
Madonna's acclaimed new album 'Music' will march straight into the No.1 position on the album chart outselling it's nearest rival by three-to-one. The only other new entry in the Top 10 is another Madonna album, 'The Immaculate Collection'

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
New message from Mariah!!

You can hear this brand new voicemessage on the official Sony site if you CLICK HERE!

It's exactly one month since the last message today!

Jonny made a transcript and here it is:
Hi everybody...Hi lambs o' the world! I'm on my way to the set o' the movie, infact! Yeah, I do believe that um I am almost done here in Canada and it's been really good, and I mean it took a lot to get to this point but I wouldn't change it for the world, and hey no matter what happens with this project, it's been so much fun and it's really great work and I feel really happy about it. So thank you all for being here and supporting me and everything else and um, I'm gonna be coming to New York next week and finishing up my movie there so I guess I'll be there from like Tuesday thru Friday or something like that or maybe two weeks. you know me! I don't know schedules, I don't know! But um I just wanted to say that I miss y'all and i will hopefully, hopefully get this soundtrack done soon and the movie will be out soon. And I'm very (sings) excited about it!!! So um yeah, it's been worth all the drama and all the years trying to get to this place. So um, (laughs) I hope you like it and um, I will see you soon! (sings) Bye!

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Various news

Now I've got 47 songs for the MariahVision song contest, thanx to everyone who sent in! The contest will close in a few days so if you want to send a song you have to hurry! Visit the contest site to listen to all the 47 songs.

Phoenix writes:
Hi all. I'm not sure if anyone told you this news or not, but in that wonderful new film "Nurse Betty" starring Rene Zeilweiger, there is a great supporting actress whom is somewhat of a scene stealer. The young hispanic beauty with a great presence on film goes by the name of Tia Texada, whom we all know is in the All That Glitters film. Everyone should see this film, and be assured that Tia is a great talent, and will contribute a lot to Mariah's movie. She's getting alot of attention, for the movie is an early oscar contender, as is Zeilweiger for the Actress trophy! Maybe Tia can squeeze in!

NYC writes about someone famous dissing Mariah, wazzap?
On MTV select today, Mel B was making fun of AAO!! She was co-hosting the show and was saying that it was an awful song. After they had shown the video, Mel B said that Max Beesley (her boyfriend) had said she was actually really nice. If Mariah ever finds out what Mel B was saying, I would love to witness their confrontation. Besides, have you heard Mel B's new song. TERRIBLE. The girl cannot sing. I thought Miss Lopez strained her voice, that aint nothing compared to Mel B. SCARY Spice indeed!!

Did anyone else see Mel B diss Mariah? That's not nice!

News from Germany:
we're honey & kate from "butterflies are free" and today we read in your news that you suppose mariah to be in ny and you asked if anyone knows more about it. well, we're pretty sure she's there shooting all that glitters and if not she was for sure becoz tommy (not sure if you know him, he made a support book for mariah in june and also gave her a fanbook at her miami concert) called us last night to tell us that mariah finally got the support book, and she just can get it when she's in ny! so, we just wanted to let ya know this!

Yes, Tommy gave the book to Mariahs limo driver, and he dropped it off at Mariahs new appartement in fact.

I sure hope you read Mariahs interview #3 with Erik Bradley today! Erik is a really nice person, and he mailed me again tonight replying to what I wrote him:
Anderz: Hi. Thank you very much for replying to my questions! We seem to share the same views on Mariahs music, both loving Butterfly and Rainbow. The church concert you mentioned was Mariahs fresh air benefitial concert that took place December 8, 1994 in Saint John's the Divine Cathedrale, New York. The concert raised $700.000 for the opganisation which later started Camp Mariah. Unfortunatly the concert was never released as an official Mariah homevideo, but if you see her you can tell her that all the fans would love to see it, I know it was recorded.

I am happy that you support Mariah so much and I hope it will continue in the future. Maybe I can mail you when I have any news on the new soundtrack, and hopefully you can mail me if you get any news? Thank you very much again for your replies, and you can read the interview with you at this location:


Erik: Yes, that is correct. It was a benefit for the Fresh Air was just beautiful. And, it was recorded 'cuz I saw a highlight re-broadcast on MTV several months after. That was probably my favorite Mariah live moment 'cuz it was so intimate and special.

Thank YOU for your support of MC....I know she is appreciative (I've never met another artist who is so grateful to her fans!)

All the best,

I got this nice mail from Vincent and the Mariah Shining Star site:
Usually, MCSS gives away an award for "Site of the Month", and a "A Touch Of Diamond" Awards. Well, ATOD hasnt been given out in a long time, and I thought to myself, well, Mariah's Diary, is more than enough to deserve this Award, but will they accept it due to the fact that so many other things go on your webpage! Well, I thought I would send you the improved version of the award, and if you want, you can post it up, or if not, thats fine. I just thought I would let you know that your site is appreciated!

Yes, thanx. And the award was nice too!

Amy mails me:
i dont know if you already know about this- but... Boyz II Men recently released a cd called "The Ballad Collection" and it features One Sweet Day in it and also some of Boyz II Men's greatest slow songs.

Shino mails me that you can see the video for Mariahs cool japanese Nescafe commersial at the Nescafe site.
Click HERE for the link.
For some reason I could not find it though, but I hope you will!

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Uh, some gossip.

Of course it's untrue, but it's funny how Mariah always gets these rumours about her! Thanx Noreen for sending me:
Mariah Carey's mates have rallied around her to denounce allegation she trying to steal Halle Berry's boyfriend.

Carey is currently filming her movie, All That Glitters, with co-star Eric Benet – who currently dates X-Men actress Berry.

She has been accused of trying to win Benet's affections, but Carey says she is happy with her current lover, Spanish singer Luis Miguel.

"Mariah is a very sexy woman. Some people get a bit nervous around her," says an insider. "Maybe they think she's too good-looking. Halle has been worried for some time about what's going on, so she flew out.

"She's being totally over the top. Mariah is more than happy with Luis and is not even considering trading him in."

It is the second time the star has been linked with a male cast member on her movie set. Earlier Melanie B flew to the film set in Canada to keep an eye on boyfriend Max Beesley.

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
New, Mariah voice chat

I just added a voice chat to this site where you can speak with other Mariah fans. I hope some of you will try it out and that you like it!

If you tried it and it worked good, can you mail me and tell me so? And if you tried it and it didn't work please mail me as well! Thanx!

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Mariah talks about Westlife song.

This was on UK TV and NYC was nice enough to write about it:
As you requested, Mariah says only a few things in the special that was shown yesterday. At one point, the narrator of the show predicts it will be a chart topping success, and then it shows Mariah saying, "I don't like to think of things in terms of chart positions. I think its a good song and I'm happy with it so that's what counts. Hopefully it will do well"..or something along those lines because, as i wasn't expecting it to be shown yesterday, my video was not set. she also went on to say, "I liked all the Westlife boys. Mark in fact gave me a card with a Jack Russell on the front, so he obviously knew that I had a Jack Russell. I liked them all but Mark... well, he gave me some Irish Whiskey too which was very sweet". Sounds like she has a favourite. She was wearing a white and pink top and was leaning against some railings on the sea front. Looking sexy as always. Westlife were shown laughing and one of them said jokingly, "Its nice of us to help out Mariah's career like this!". I'm gonna tune in to SMTV tomorrow cause they usually show the big pre-releases the weekend before they are available, plus they have shown a lot of Mariah & Westlife clips before. I'll let y'all know!

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Double Rainbow winner.

This competition was held when I was away from this site a while, and the winner would be in Mariahs video for Can't Take That Away and at her concert! Nicole Lee entered, and guess what - she won! Here is her story:
It was a Friday afternoon, and I was watching MTV'S Total Request Live. Aaliyah was hosting the show and was talking about a Mariah Carey contest, I watched it, and the rules to enter were to send in a video of yourself giving your interpretation of what her next single "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" meant to you within 1 min. The deadline was 3 days away, and the winner would be picked by Mariah herself to be in the video! I knew the odds of me winning were slim to none, but anything that invovles my girl Mariah, i have to do. So anyways I call my mom up at work and ask her if I could enter, she said yes, but asked me how i was going to make a video of myself if wee didn't have a video camera. So it took me one day to come up with a camera. and another to plan out and think about what I was going to say in 1min. no more no less!

So my friend Amy comes over on a Sunday and tapes me, we did about 10 different takes, it was getting really anoying and I had school in the morning, so we finally got it done. My mom fedexed it over-night to New York, and from that day on I prayed, wished,and imagined that I would win.

Okay, so about 2 months later, I come home on a friday afternoon, and get a phone call from my mom, she wants me to go to downtown Boston (where she works) and visit her. I said no because i was tired, and there was no real reason why i should. She delibratly insisted that i come, so I went. I arrived at her office half and hour later, and plopped down in an oversized chair. My mom's co-worker is staring at me and smiling, I had no clue what was going on. My mom hands me a huge packet with all this legal stuff not even a 20 year old would understand let alone a 14 year old. So I read on and on and finally get to big black bold letters that say " Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" music video. I paused.........and looked up at my mom who had a huge smile on her face, I said to her is this the video contest? and she nodded her head, I jumped into her arms and cried. I HAD REALLY FREAKIN' WON! I was exstatic! I'm sitting in her office crying and screaming, people are poking their heads out the doors to see what all the commotion was about.

My mom gets a call from the editing bay in Los Angeles, saying that I was going to meet Mariah at her concert in Boston! I freaked out even more, and then they said I was getting a Limo to her concert. The night of the concert had finally come, the night I had been waiting for ever since I was a little girl. I was not even at the concert hall (Fleet Center) for 20 min. and I see 2 big bulky men come up to my seat and ask me for my pass that had a picture of Mariah and a " W" written on it for "winner" they took my the side of the stage and there I met the other winners of the contest ( they were so cool and nice) the security staff said that we were going up on stage with Mariah! I freaked out and started crying, so Mariah finishes "Emotions" and introduces us, i waited in line on stage and finally it was my turn to go up, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, " I'M NICOLE FROM BOSTON BABY!!!!!" The whole arena cheered for me, it was the best moment of my life. Mariah told us onstage that we were going to meet her after the show because she was throwing us a party at a resturaunt called " Legends", so we went but she never showed up, I was bummed and upset but I wasn't going to complain. All that I can say is, is that I accomplished something I never thought I could, I was in her video and met her for the second time, and she is the nicest person that i have and probably will ever meet.

That was a very nice story!! Did anyone here visit the Boston concert and remember misses Nicole, mail me what you thought when she got onstage!

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Various news

Not really Mariah news, but it mentions her:
WHAT'S too painful to remember for Barbra Streisand may turn out to be the triplex she's been trying to unload for the last two years.

Once again, her Central Park West pad is back on the market after the latest in a string of potential buyers was rejected by the building's co-op board.

The 16-room penthouse at The Ardsley on 92nd and Central Park West has a current asking price of $9.5 million.

After purchasing it 37 years ago, Streisand put the place on the market when she got hitched to transmission spokesperson James Brolin.

Last year, the board stamped a big "rejected" sign on fellow diva Mariah Carey's application after she promised Babs she'd cough up $8 million for her crib.

Carey reportedly spent six-months jumping through the tribunal's hoops. Ultimately, the board wasn't keen on Mariah's gangsta' pals.

More various news coming up soon!

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
The UK AAO single

I got some messages about it today:
Paul J here from the UK. I bought the new single today..twice..and so did my brother. Woolworhts reckons it will be number 1 on Sunday! I have attached a picture off the cd rom section of the single.


NYC wrote:
I FINALLY got my hands on the 2 cd single set of AAO today! The Pound Boys remix is hot! Very funky with a real fresh feel to it. Woolworths, one of the UK's main cd outlet, always predict the new chart and they had placed AAO as a new entry at No.1!!!!!! There is also an ad for AAO in "The Sun" newspaper, and an article about the race for Number 1 this weekend. It reads that Mariah & Westlife will be battling it out for No.1 with a cult dance record called "Zombie Nation", amd record experts expect Mariah to enter the new chart at No.1. The real test will be this Wednesday when the mid-week charts are announced, so I'll keep you posted.

He also wrote:
Mariah & Westlife's video was shown this morning on SMTV. It was featured on "The People's Choice", when people phone and vote for their favourite of 3 videos. Mariah was up against Mel B's new solo single and Whitney & Enrique. Whitney got 12% of the votes, Mel B got 37% and Mariah & Westlife won with 51%. They then showed the video at the end of the show. This is the first time Mariah has won on "The People's Choice". Usually when she is featured, she comes in 2nd. Well done Mariah!!!

Anderz, check out for a new photo of Mariah & Westlife. Click on singles on the left hand side of the home page and it will take you to a big picture of Mariah and Westlife, (I think taken on the roof of that building in Capri, remember from the MTV special?). It also gives a description of the collabo. Seems to be HMV's main single of next week!!! ***

Lovely Michelle writes:
cd1: black & white cd...with all black background
1)AAO feat W.Life 3.21
2)AAO Pound Boys Main Mix 9.09
3)AAO MC only 3.21
4)Westlife Interview cd extra video version
cd2):Llylac and white cd with Lylac boarder at top....also has a poster with the lyrics on one side and a pic of MC and W.Life(MC looks great in it BTW)
1)AAO feat.W.Life 3.21
2)AAO Westlife only version 3.21
3)AAO Pound boys Dub 6.28
4)AAO cd extra video version

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Anderz interview #3!

My third interview is finally here. From reading the radiosite I've found that Erik Bradley is one of the biggest Mariah fans working for radio, and since B96 is a really large station in USA I thought it would be interesting to interview him. Mr Bradley was very kind and his replies to my interview were very fast!

Click here to read the interview.

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
Mariah got sued .. again! =(

When I saw this headline I thought it was this asian song that was very similar to Thank God I Found You, but it was another song I didn't hear before:

Mariah Carey Sued Over 'Thank God I Found You'

A copyright infringement lawsuit was filed against Mariah Carey in U.S. District Court of the Central District of California on Friday (Sept. 15) over her hit "Thank God I Found You."

Seasoned songwriters Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell have filed suit against the pop star, her record label (Columbia), and producer Terry Lewis, among others, claiming "Thank God I Found You" from 1999's Rainbow borrows heavily from a 1998 song by Xscape entitled "One of Those Love Songs," from the album Traces of My Lipstick, which Swirsky and Campbell sold to SoSo Def Recordings through EMI in 1998.

Both songs were released on Columbia Records and mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, lending credence, according to the suit, to the plaintiff's claim. Producer Jermaine Dupri, who acted as executive producer on the Xscape album, also contributed to several tracks on the Rainbow album.

Swirsky and Campbell are suing for copyright infringement, false designation of origin, reverse passing off, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, demand for accounting, constructive trust, and permanent injunction.

Oops! Those people suing Mariah so far has never won, so I doubt this will be any different. Did anyone hear the Xscape song and can tell me your opinion?

Tuesday, September 19 - 2000
All That Glitters news

Dana writes:
My mom gets this magazine called Mode and so I was looking threw it and on th elast page in bold letters I saw the name Ann Magnuson and well she has an article about shoes and she talks a little bit about ATG.

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
Actress Ann Magnuson doesn't just talk when it comes to a certain footwear fetish.

Wasn't it Meryl Streep who said, "You get the right shoes, you get the character?" If not, then I just said it. Case in point: Recently I was filming a movie where I played a high-strung record company publicist, circa 1983. During my first wardrobe fitting, I was feeling lost. The deliciously ugly shoulder-padded jumpsuits that the costume designer had chosed suited me just fine. But the silver pumps she wanted me to wear simply weren't happening. "My character is a fashion victim. I don't think she would ever wear these shoes," I gingerly complained.

But the designer seemed pretty set on using the pumps. Just when I felt an uncharacteristic diva-fit bubbling up inside me, providence intervened. There, sitting before me, was a parit of purple suede spike-heeled ankle-high boots--just like the kind Pat Benatar used to wear as she praced around in those once groundbreaking, now vintage, but always embarassing MTV videos. They were a half size too big, but that was okay by me. It was a small sacrafice considering that when I slipped on those boots I not only felt chic and stylish but instantly powerful. I also felt impish, devilish, shrewed, and more than a little sexy. I was confident I could manipulate the world with the ruthlessness of a thousand ruthless, overachieving, overbearing publicists. It hardly mattered that hte audience would rarely catch a glimpse of my feet. With the help of the right footgear, I had found my character!

Yes, Ann is an actor in the ATG movie! I got some more news about the ATG movie and good news for people living in NY. I gave the address and phonenumber to the Toronto location ato Tina Tsui, and she writes me this story
Well I called. Right after I e-mailed u. I talked to the manager there or something like that. I B.S.ed at fist. I asked if they take volunteers, or do tours or something and he said no. "But if ur really interested I can make an appointment for u to come and check out what film production is all about-for tomorrow. --Oh but wait. we're working on this really big project. There are only four more days and the schedule is already pretty tight. I don't think we can fit u in right now cuz we're running out of time. If u could have called 2 days ago I would have let u come down and observe and then meet the cast". Oh no! Then he told me that Mariah has to leave to New York 17th! I'm sooo sorry. I blew it. If u have any suggestions on what to do now, e-mail me asap. Oh he also then told me that they're filming at their set right now.

So it seems Mariah is back in NY now! I am not sure, but I think they will film some there as well, or has Mariah finished her filming? I will try my hardest to find out what's up! Someone mentioned Mariah might appear at MTV Total Request, has anyone heard more about that?

Click here for August news.