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Monday, November 27 - 2000
Last Update Before My Vacation

I, Candice, am taking a vacation... So send everything to Anderz for a week.

KrAyZeeChCk tells me that on VH1 on 20 to 1 they were counting down the best duets of ALL TIME! And in the number one spot was Mariah and Boyz II Men "One Sweet Day"

Crave sent in a scan of Mariah and Da Brat from Rolling Stone magazine.

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Tuesday, November 28 - 2000
E-Mail Change and News

Hold on to your shirts, people! More is coming up soon. A note that lately my e-mail has had a few problems, so from now on please send news and stuff to

Cello writes:
My name is Cello. I found Mariah in Rolling Stone's new book Hot House. The photos of Mariah are from the issue when she was last on the cover of R.S. Hot is right! This book is well worth the extra copies of Mariah alone, yet it is also FULL of other stars that you probably adore also! I am the Price/Cost Coordinator for Virgin Entertainment Group and I know that this book is on Sale at all Virgin Megastore's at least through Dec. It should be on sale ANY place that sells books. Pick up a copy and give them as gifts for the Holidays.

From Kaori in Japan:
" All I Want For Christmas Is You Millenium Remix "

December 23 release !! ( SRCS - 2425 / Japanese limitation )

The limitation disk is the silver card picture sleeve..

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You ( Remix Version )
2. All I Want For Christmas Is You ( Album Version )
3. O Holy Night ( Live Version )
4. Joy To The World ( Remix Version )

This cds is a season thing. This original song made a tremendous sales in Japan 6 years ago. However, everyone stops buying this cds when Christmas passes. The CD stores decrease the order extremely as the measure also. It is expected that this CDs becomes rare also in Japan.

Caleb writes:
I just want you to know that a group called Avalon covered 'Jesus Born On This Day.' They did an extremely good job and I am sooooooo very proud of Mariah that there are artists out there that recognize her as a talented artist.

Uh, and Avalon are Christian just like Mariah.

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Monday, November 27 - 2000
Mariah article

Producer Laurence Mark speaks out in article sent in by Jake:
HOLLYWOOD--Sunday, Nov. 26, 2000

A diva is born.

This summer, Mariah Carey filmed her first movie All that Glitters.

Producer Lawrence Mark recalls it proved almost as treacherous a shoot as his high-adventure thriller Vertical Limit.

"There's no denying she's a diva and she loves being the diva which is part of her charm," says Mark.

"She makes no bones about it, but, to her credit, Mariah knows she's not a diva in the film world.

"She realizes if she shows up eight hours late for a music video, they'll just have to wait.

"Since video producers have waited in the past, she seems to think they'll wait again, and again and again."

Mark breathes a sigh of relief when he recalls that on All That Glitters "she knew she had to prove herself and it was kind of fun to watch her trying to adjust her behaviour.

"She was a good little trooper, but I'm not sure I want to produce her next movie, mind you!"

Mark admits All That Glitters didn't exactly tax Carey's budding acting talents.

"You're not going to see a new Meryl Streep, but that wasn't the intent of the film.

"She's playing someone close to home and the film is set in the music industry so she knows the world her character is from.

"Best of all, she sings 12 songs. She's doing what she knows how to do and what the fans want from her."

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Monday, November 27 - 2000
Anderz Divas comparing

How are our favourite Divas doing in USA with their latest albums? Here is one answer:
Madonna "Music", first 9 weeks:
1, 3, 6, 6, 9, 10, 17, 21, 33
9 weeks sales about 1,200,000 copies

Mariah "Rainbow", first 9 weeks:
2, 2, 7, 12, 12, 12, 8, 9, 9
9 week sales about 2,116,000 copies

Whitney "The greatest hits", first 9 weeks:
5, 9, 11, 14, 20, 23, 27, 30, 36
9 week sales unknown.

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Sunday, November 26 - 2000
Mariah In Sweden

David (Mariah's Fantasy) from Sweden sent this in:

Hi Candice! My name is David, and in my country Sweden (I believe that's where Anderz come from:), on a list of the most active albums of all-time on the chart (number of weeks), Mariah was at #12 with the Music Box album! It was published in a newspaper called Everyday. What's quite surprising is that Madonna or Whitney wasn't even in the top-20! And, also here in Sweden, "#1's" has been certified platinum (at least 80 000 copies sold)! And I had a little extra time so I'm sending some pictures too, there's five of em in fact :)

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Sunday, November 26 - 2000
Vote For Mariah!

I noticed that Mariah was on the welcome screen on AOL yesterday. All you AOL users who missed it can click on the picture below to vote.

Only AOL users can vote. =o(

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Sunday, November 26 - 2000
Wedding Bells For Mariah

Tamara from Mariah Goes Online sent this in:

I wanted to let you know that Mariah is in a Dutch magazine called "Break Out". Here is the artical translated from Dutch to english :


A british newspaper confirmed! Mariah Carey is gerring Married! Seeing that she's overworked, her boyfriend Luis Miguel took her to the Bahamas. While they were there he went down on bended knee and proposed to her. He then placed a diamond ring on her finger! The exact date of the wedding is not sure yet but we'll keep you posted

And i would let you know that there is a huge poster from Mariah in the next Break Out from 30-November-2000

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Sunday, November 26 - 2000
Luis Miguel Fans Not Happy About Mariah

Luis Miguel's fans are "desolate" at the news that he has returned to Mariah Carey." Luis Miguel's fans were delighted at the news that the Mexican star and the American diva had broken up. Now, however, Luis's fans are once more "mourning" the fact that Luis and Mariah have recently been seen together in public , and what's more, even more happy and in love than ever. There are stories that, in celebration of their reunion, the couple have not only been vacationing all over the world, but that the "splendid Micky" has gifted Mariah with a beautiful (and expensive) set of emerald earrings, necklace and bracelet, and that she in turn bought him a luxurious sports car. Now, it looks as though their relationship is more serious than ever

[thanks to Regina and her site, Wildcats Too Cool Mariah Carey page]

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Sunday, November 26 - 2000
Mariah, All That Glitters And Satin Doll

There is an awesome picture of Mariah on the ATG set with Deborah Lippman. They also talk about the special nail color made for Mariah. I tried to be accurate with the color. But it may be too dark.

[thanks to Regina and her site, Wildcats Too Cool Mariah Carey page for the info!]

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Saturday, November 25 - 2000
Pictures O' The Day

I thought I'd add some pictures.

These are from Lisa and her awesome site, Mariah Mania

And these are from me, Candice:

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Thursday, November 23 - 2000
Pictures O' The Day!

Tina sent in some cool pictures!

This is from Fabrizio:

I'll have some more uops soon! =o)

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