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Friday, September 8- 2000
Two new awards for Mariah!

I think she got an honorary mention from People magazine USA as one of the worst dressed of all time, not bad! And Charlie sent me the scan from Who magazine, which the Australian version or People, and Mariah debuted at #1 on their worst dressed list. Way to go Mariah! (=

Friday, September 8- 2000
Dumb people!

This is what David mails:
i was watching "who wants to be a millionaire" last night, and this lady was going for $125,000... the question was: Which female singer has had the most #1's in the history of the Billboard Hot 100?"

the choices were A.) Mariah Carey B.)Madonna C.)Janet Jackson or D.) Whitney Houston. So the lady used her 50-50 and eliminated two, and they left mariah and madonna. but she didn't know so she decided to stop. this is the second time they've had a mariah related question...(the other time was the $500,000 question about which song was the longest running #1... one sweet day!)

Friday, September 8- 2000
Fans doing it for VH1!

Part 1 (From Tuesday)
Kerry and Jenny Kilpatrick here! ok so i sent in our fan stories of mariah to the vh1 peeps the wrote back and then called and asked jenny and i to come to audition in ny tommorow. so in the 5 min audition we have to convince the vh1 dudes why mariah deserves a vh1 award and why. why we love her so and why she rocks so hard! and then we have to tell them our craziest fan stories to them.

Part two:
Hey anderz, Kerry and Jenny Kilpatrick here! Wazzzzup? We came back from NY late wed night and the whole day was a blast. We did our interview with the VH1 peeps at 3:45pm and it was really fun. We came in wearing our MCz LAMBz tee-shirts and told our Mariah encounter stories as well as showing them our own fan book full of Mariah articles and pics of my sisters and I doing random silly Mariah related things such as posing with the daydream lifesize cut out in the middle of the street etc. They asked us to sing a bit of one Mariah tune so we busted out singing "Heartbreaker" which was funny. We told them how much Mariah rules and that she deserves an award for the hardest working woman in show biz award. The guy was very hollywood if ya know what I mean. You couldnt tell if he was being honest with us when he was like "oh that was great ladies you were just wonderfull" etc but he said that if we are chosen for the call back they will call us later next week but if not they wont contact us at all.

Do you remember what this was about? Well, read this:
*** Calling all music freaks:  Think you’re a big music fan?  Prove it!
Why does your favorite artist rule?!?
Why are you the ultimate fan??
Do you have any collections, shrines or brushes with greatness?

  Tell us right now

If you live in the New York City area and have what it takes, you might find yourself on TV in a VH1 Promotion.

So keep your fingers crossed for the Kilpatrick sisters!

Friday, September 8- 2000
News from MTV!

This is from MTV, thanx to Lara for sending:
Jimmy Jam On Mariah Carey's "Glitters" LP, Eric Benét Duet

After helping craft Janet Jackson's latest number one single, "Doesn't Really Matter," the production duo of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are back, readying a variety of projects, including songs for Mariah Carey's upcoming film, "All That Glitters."

The duo previously collaborated with Carey on the singer's 1999 album, "Rainbow," and Jam indicated to MTV News that they've already completed about a dozen new tunes for the "All That Glitters" soundtrack.

Jam said that work is continuing on the planned album, and that he and Lewis are now working on a duet for Carey and Eric Benét, who co-stars in the flick (see "Eric Benét 'Glitters' With Mariah Carey, Da Brat").

"I think we're up to 11 or 12 songs now," Jimmy Jam told MTV News, "and we're just getting ready to add another song, because Eric Benét is in the movie. So now there's this idea for a duet with Eric Benét and Mariah, and we're in the process of working on that.

"[We're writing material] as the movie evolves, and [Mariah] is in Canada shooting it right now. We just get the phone call saying, 'Hey, I need another track for a such-and-such scene,' and we just turn it around for her."

Jam described the sound of the record as a throwback to the '80s, the time period in which "All That Glitters" is set, and drifting back to that era brought out a of bit of nostalgia for him and his partner.

"The story takes place in the '80s," Jam explained, "and it's interesting for us, because so much of our success was in the '80s. I mean, we've had a lot of success in '90s and now in the new millennium.

"But really, our roots are in the '80s with the Time and with the S.O.S. Band and all the old groups we used to do, and a lot of the ['All That Glitters'] record really sounds like that. Interestingly enough, the sounds of the '80s are really very much the current sound," he said.

"Madonna's 'Music' is a straight out of the '80s record, but it's very popular. So I think it's perfect timing, musically, to do something like that, because I think people are ready to hear those sounds [again]."

"All That Glitters" is slated to arrive on screens in March 2001, with the soundtrack due out around the same time.

-- David Basham

Wednesday, September 6- 2000
AAO w/ Westlife Single Cover!

Sony Music Norway has added the cover for the "Against All Odds" single with Westlife up! You can see it on the left! Looks pretty cool to me. They also have a soundclip of the song up.
Click here to hear it

Thanks to Mariah Online

Wednesday, September 6- 2000
Mariah Makes RS Readers Top 20
Patricks writes saying:

Mariah made Rolling Stone's Reader's top 20 this week.. She was #19. This is probably a first for Mariah.. Readers usually pick current albums with a harder age.. Maybe Mariah is getting more respect?

Tuesday, September 5- 2000

I'll be adding some more covers soon. if you like the ones I've made already, please let me know! My e-mail is .

Tuesday, September 5- 2000
Mariah Once Again Called Worst Dressed

As reported by Omri:

Mariah has been selected as one of the bad dressers of the year by the Teen Magazine 'Maariv La'Noar'. Here is what they wrote:

After breaking up with Tommy Mottola in 1997, Mariah changed her music style and her looks. People are saying that the girl took it too seriously and they're saying that you don't have to show your body all the time. We can't argue with the fact that we're talking about a hot disarming woman, but so short and so tight... it just isn't that nice. One dresser asking a hypothetic question: "How can she even sit down?".

In the Gossip Section in "Maariv La'Noar" I found these two parts: Mariah Carey is missing her success, her latest single "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" went only to number 28 at the Billboard Top 100 Chart. Mariah is mad about the whole situation with the single, and blames it on her Record Company - Sony Music, which she's trying to 'say goodbye' to. In about one month, next month, Mariah Carey's "Against All Odds" version with Westlife will be released in Europe. Mariah agreed to say a few words about the five Irish boys: "They're truly charming and I'm sure that a lot of American girls will fall in love with them. Even I was disapointed when none of them asked me out".

Thanks to Omri and Mariah Online

Tuesday, September 5- 2000
MC Photos In Online Gallery

Dror In Israel writes saying:

Roberta Parkin, one of the leading concert photographers from the UK, presents some of her most memorable working moments of the past during an online photography exhibition at Photoshot, starting September 1, 2000.

It's the first time that Roberta Parkin's work has been exhibited. In the past 10 years she has been able to photograph many of the world's most famous stars from the music business, including Michael Jackson (Wembley Stadium, 1994), Madonna, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Tina Turner.

The exhibition is accompanied by an interview with Roberta Parkin.
All prints featured in the exhibition are available for purchase (online only). for more info go to!

Tuesday, September 5- 2000
Be A Lamb O' Mariah!

Here's the low-down from the Lambz themselves!

Psst . . . hey! Are you a really big fan of Mariah? Has she influenced you in such a way that you would like to let her know just how dear she is to you? If so, then you might want to consider joining the Lambz 'O Mariah. It's about giving something back to MC . . . since she obviously does so much for everyone else. She's the best, and we want to let her know! :)

Everyone loves to get gifts. LOM wants to give special gifts to the QueenChop herself . . .and to all their Chops (members). Please consider being a member because you know what they say - the more, the merrier! We'd love to have you join us. LOM is a TOTALLY non-profit organization. At first, we were hesitant to charge a fee for joining but really it's the ONLY way we'll be able to afford to buy the supplies for these wonderful gifts for MC!

The first project is the Return of the Lucky Necklace. We guarantee you that this will be SPECIAL! Please see the site for more details on this EXCLUSIVE project. You might want to really consider being a part of this. Mariah will love it, we promise! (

To take part in these projects, you have to be a member. There are 2 different memberships. The basic fee is $25. You only pay once and the fee will last a full year. The fee will help fund any supplies needed for the projects. There is also a monthly newsletter that is sent to your house via airmail. Lots 'o fun and exciting stuff to look forward to each month with that. Each member gets a Chop name. You can pick it yourself or we'll find one for ya. Chop names are fun to have and they will go on the tags of all MC's gifts so she knows who you are in fact! And you also get your very own email.

The premium fee is $40 a year. This gives you everything the basic fee offers and so much more. LOM will send you a special Christmas package with a lot of cute and exclusive Lambz O' Mariah stuff, birthday cards, and LOTS o' surprises. We wouldn't let you down! Bright minds are hard at work making this happen. This also gives you priority to any fan events that come up (and we've got some exciting stuff planned for later)! Keep in mind that this organization is totally non-profit. No member of the org will make any money whatsoever off of this. It's all about Mariah and the fans, and all the money will be spent to make HER life a little happier. :)

Please visit for more info or email one of the contacts. If you are a really big fan, you will not be disappointed. LOM will strive to make Mariah and her fans happy as can be. She truly has the best fans out there!! She has YOU . . . and so LOM wants YOU to join them. Please do! It's gonna be FUN!!!!

Thank Ya! -Lambz O' Mariah staff
"Giving Something BACK to MC!"
"C'mooooon! We baaa!"

Tuesday, September 5- 2000
Single Covers

Here are some single covers I, Candice, made for Vanishing and All In Your Mind. =o) please let me know if you like them!

Monday, September 4 - 2000
News On The Grinch Soundtrack

Caleb writes in saying:

Hey! I just wanna let you know that at the official site for 'The Grinch' it states that the "soundtrack is available on Interscope Records." The official site to The Grinch is: The official site to Interscope Records is:


Monday, September 4 - 2000
Please help out a bit.

I would ask Mariahs assistant Jill, but she seems to have vanished completely, so I think doing like Jason says is a good idea:
MTV News reported a month or more ago that the soundtrack to HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS will feature Mariah, Christina, Jim Carrey, and others. Since then we have been wondering what song it will be. Someone has said it is a lot of Christmas music and will probably be a song from MERRY CHRISTMAS. Someone else said it is a new song. Anyway I am just trying to find ways to help us find out.

This is the link to the Feedback part of the official GRINCH site. Maybe if we all ask them to provide soundtrack info they will:

Monday, September 4 - 2000
Good news in the UK.

mariahvbianca writes:
Hi Anderz, thought you might be interested to know that on MTV Select UK (TRL for us British) Mariah was up to number 2!!!! Fantastic!! Also, on Box Tops, Mariah was a new entry at number 4!

In the "News of the World" yesterday as well, there was an article on Bryan from Westlife and his new girlfriend. It showed a picture of him on a beach, and it read he was taking a break before starting to promote Against all Odds. It also read that AAO was likely to become a record breaking 6th UK number 1 in England!! Brilliant news. I cannot wait for AAO to finally be released and for Mariah to be in the public eye again over here.

PS Bryan from Westlife is the one on Mariah's left at the end of the AAO video, who has a sly glance at Mariah's chest region(check out the end of the video if you don't believe me)!!

Monday, September 4 - 2000
A new contest!

Guess what! I thought of a new contest - most beautiful Mariah wallpaper. Do you wanna be in it? I will select the 5 best ones and people can vote. If you win you get lots of honor! (Sorry, can't afford any prizes.) Please make them size 800*600 or 1024*768. If you wanna enter just mail your best work to me at

Monday, September 4 - 2000
For fans of Walter Affanasief

My friend Amy told me about this interview that you might enjoy if you like Walter A. It's pretty long, and click here to read it all. Here are the Mariah related parts:
Walter started his musical career as a keyboard player with Narada Michael Walden some fifteen years ago. With Narada, Walter was a key player in Whitney Houston’s breakout album, Whitney (1985). It was there that Walter also began his relationship with an unknown young singer who would eventually become the top-selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey. Walter began producing and co-writing with Mariah by her second album, Emotions (1991), and his writing and producing were instrumental in her phenomenal success.

And while Walter is quick to give props to the top-notch hit-makers who are his contemporaries, he has no problem identifying those who have fallen into the technology-for-technologies-sake trap. “Nowadays it’s unfortunate how the industry has let in just about anyone. In the old days you had to be Mariah Carey to get a record deal,” Walter says of the singer with whom he has penned hit after hit.

“Of course, there are a lot of great singers out there today, but with the quickly changing trends of today—the boy bands, the teen girls, etc.—it’s all sort of diminished the talent pool to a flat-line of ‘who cares.’ You go out and turn the radio on and you realize that anybody could have written that and anybody could have sung that, and anybody could have produced that. So you start to question what producing is all about. Put on Sgt. Pepper. That’s producing—and on four tracks!” “And mediocre songwriting has gone hand-in-hand with these mediocre records,” Walter continues. “Now this is just my opinion and anyone who wants to write me letters, go ahead,” he laughs.

I would actually really like to write him a letter and interview Walter, but I can't find anyway to contact him, does anyone know if he has a site somewhere?

Sunday, September 3 - 2000
Derek Jeter writes about Mariah.

This is what Derek Jeter writes about Mariah in his new book. Thanx to Dana!
MARIAH CAREY I know I learned alot from my relationship with Mariah Carey. I learned that it would be very difficult for me to seriously date a high-profile person. I am used to getting a lot of attention as a Yankee, but I wasn't used to getting alot of attention because I went out to dinner with someone. It just so happened that someone was Carey, one of the top-selling female pop singers ever, and that turned my life into a more chaotic existence than I wanted.

I met Mariah at a charity function for the Fresh Air Fund in November of 1996, a month after we won the World Series. I know some people have written -- and want to believe -- our romance started that day, but that's not true. I barely even talked with her that first day. I saw her out in the city a few times after that, and we became friends before we had our first date. We actually dated for only about six months and were never close to getting engaged as the newspapers reported.

I was intrigued with Mariah because we had a lot of similarities. Like me, she has a mixed heritage. She has a white, Irish mother and an African American Venezuuelean father. Like me she had a dream in life that she zealously pursued. She knew she wanted to be a singer, and made that her mission. Like me, she still works extremely hard at her profession. She's a beautiful woman, on the inside and outside, and I had a deep respect for her and the way she handled herself. She started out with nothing but a dream that she would be a big star, and, to this day, she still works hard at fulfilling that dream.

She's constantly writing, she's constantly in the studio, she's constantly trying to get better. She's someone a lot of people can learn from. I know I did. Whether you like her music or you think it's terrible, you could learn alot from the way she pursued her goal. Like I said earlier, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do what you want. I never did. I know Mariah never did either. It doesn't mean you will end up with a recording contract or playing for the Yankees, but it does mean you won't have any regrets. Try your best to be successful at whatever it is you want to do, and then the questions will be answered for you. Even if your goal is not realized, you will know you tried hard to make it come to fruition -- and you can't ask anymore of yourself than that.

Hey, that's so sweet of him!! Maybe Did I Do That is not about Derek after all.

Sunday, September 3 - 2000
The MariahVision song contest - rules

Okay, I have finally come up with some good rules for the contest. The two categories will be "female singing" and "male singing" and the songs sent to me will be judged by me and a few people I know, then the best 5 or 10 (depending on how many songs I get) will be in the final and everyone can vote for their favourites. You can send in songs till about September 20, so there is no real hurry. And a big thank you to all the cool sites who sponsors me!

Sponsor 1:
Sponsor 2: MCForever
Sponsor 3: M Connections
Sponsor 4: WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page!
Sponsor 5: Visions of A Rainbow
Sponsor 6:
Sponsor 7: A Vision Of Mariah Carey

Sunday, September 3 - 2000
Various news

This is only a rumour, but I put it on because 2 years ago there was actually some egyptian expert or something that said Mariah Carey would be perfect to play Cleopatra!
Hey Anderz, Scott from UK here. Heres an article on Mariah from a national newspaper (the star)

headline-Mariah's an odds-on hit.

GORGEOUS Mariah Carey has been offered an ideal movie role as the most beautiful woman of all time... Cleopatra. The American singer is currently filming her first big movie, "All That Glitters" in Canada-alongside Scary Spice Mel B's boyfriend Max Beesley. They will soon move on to New York to continue shooting. Although the movie is not even half finished, it seems Mariah has already become hot property in Hollywood. She has been sent loads of scripts and is considering whether to take the role of Cleopatra in an epic about the legendary Egyptian beauty. Meanwhile, Mariah looks like scoring one of the biggest hits of the year when her collaboration with Westlife is released as a single. As our exclusive picture shows (theres a pic of mariah & westlife recording the song) she teamed up with the Irish sensations to record a new version of Phil Collins' 1984 hit "Against All Odds". That single is due to hit the shops on September 18-and is a safe bet to shoot straight to the top of the charts.

Nice article!! RBloedow writes:
Hi! I was just browsing around the internet and I went onto a site about a singer/songwriter here in the US, and it turns out that she worked with Mariah on "X-Girlfriend"! her name is Kandi and her new single is "Don't Think I'm Not". here is the URL for her site:
here is what some of it says:
"Kandi has completed a number of projects, including “There You Go” for Pink (LaFace), “X-Girlfriend” for Mariah Carey (Columbia), “It Makes Me Ill” for N’SYNC (Jive), “Good Guy” for Boyz II Men (Universal), “The Best Man” for Faith (Best Man Soundtrack, Columbia), and “Get Crunk” for Joe (Jive). " Neet, hunh!

Jens tells me about MTV Europes R&B show The Lick, yesterday the host Trevor Nelson said "Ok it's official. Crybaby is now the most requested video in Lick History!" Then he played the video!

Paula wants Mariah to be in one of those celebrity milk comersials! If you think that too just go to and write just that!

Maline writes this:
A couple of days ago I was at my local "Toys R Us" store here in Los Angeles and guess what I see in the gift wrapping section! Two different packs of Mariah stickers for only $2.00 dallors each pack and each pack has four stickers! I was so happy when I found them because I've never seen some of the stickers before. I just wanna say that I love Mariah so much and I'll never stop loving her. She has helped me through so much with her music and lyrics. Thank you Mariah, I love you so much!

Fadi sent another great wallpaper:

Kaori have pictures from the cool Japanese Nescafe commersial, visit THIS LINK to see lots more! (And bigger!)

I got this mail from Brazil:
I'm from Brazil and i went to NY to see Mariah at MSG this year. My name is IVOR DONALD MEREDITH and i'm sending you some pictures of MARIAH IN BRAZIL ( 11 / 2000 )! I'm the GUY with the RED t-shirt who is hugging mariah! IT WAS AMAZING!!

Lara sends me a picture of Mariah in the October issue of Teen People.

Jen found the latest fashion but in a bit new style in her delia's catalog:
LARISSA SKIRT Five - pocket fray waist skirt in cotton denim with front slit. Logo on coin pocket, label on center back. Zip fly and tack button closure. By IT Jeans. Color: blue denim. Sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16. Size 7/8 is 28" long. Made in USA. - $ 36.00.

Daryl made an X-girlfriend cover!

Gilbert from the site Mariah Finding Her Rainbow sends three covers of three Mariah albums:

And lastly, this guy writes:
About 3 months ago, I went to tattoo myself. My tattoo is the same butterfly than the one on the Butterfly album. To make sure that my tattoo would be almost exactly the same, I brought my album with me and said that I would like to have this one. The guy did a really great job 'cause it is looking very smiliar. Here's a picture so you could a look by yourself. Tonight, I'm going to finish it... I'm going to write Mariah under the butterfly with the same fonts that they use on her albums. Oh, by the way, "21" is like my lucky number or my signature so that's why there's a "21" written under the butterfly.

Sunday, September 3 - 2000
A grammy for Mariah please!

This is what my friend, the delightful Julie Han, wrote for the grammy petition at

To Whom It May Concern:

I understand that Grammy ballots are going out soon, and I want to remind you of a very talented artist that is not always credited as much as she should be: Ms. Mariah Carey.

I can't help but notice that Mariah has gradually become ignored in your award show. In other award shows, she has been credited for her beautiful work. For example, the World Music Awards and the Billboard Awards have given her the "Artist of the Decade" award. The American Music Awards have given her their special achievement award, which has only been given twice before. In addition to the "Artist of the Decade" award, the World Music Awards have given her the "Female Pop Artist of the Decade" award. And this is not to include the many "Pop Artist of the Year" awards or the "R&B Artist of the Year" awards, that she has won. I would like to remind you that she has the most #1 songs on the Billboard charts, and the longest running song at #1. Although these are just statistics, WHY WOULD FANS BRING HER SONGS TO #1 UNLESS THE LIKED HER MUSIC?

It seems that you, the Grammy's get to decide what qualifies as "good music," so I don't think it hurts to actually hear something from the actual fans: people who take the time to listen to Mariah's music day and night. These are also the people, need I remind you, that sing her songs in front of the bathroom mirrors, and dance to her songs at nightclubs, and lipsynch her songs in their bedrooms (where no one can see them). These are dedicated people. And there are thousands of them: MARIAH CAREY FANS. There are more of US ---(that would be correct, since I am one of them) that listen to her music than that who listen to Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin even!

I understand that statistics doesn't judge what good music means. By all means, I agree with you too. I mean to a certain extent. Sometimes, you really can't ignore what's already in the history books. But if you feel as if Mariah's stats can't judge her abilities, please continue reading.

Mariah Carey's latest effort "Rainbow" is a harmoneous balance between pop, ballad and R&B. I believe that she is adding more flavors of hip-hop and soul into her sound. She is one of the only artists who can get away with the combination that is within "Rainbow." What other artist can go from the soaring ballad "Against All Odds" to the lucious sounds of groove in "Crybaby." Furthermore, "Crybaby" goes to the infamous "Did I Do That?" This particular little number has no chorus and is honestly confessing to everything that went wrong in a relationship. It is what I call, a true art in music. It really comes from deep in the gut. It's very direct, and what some people just need to here. As if that wasn't enough, the next song is "Petals," a painful recollection of a long-ago childhood. In this song, Mariah remembers her sister Alison. Alison became pregnant at the age of 15, and later got infect with HIV, and became a prostitute to support her drug addiction. She now has 3 sons, whom are all supported by Mariah. As a child, Mariah had experiences with Alison which have never been revealed, and only came close in this song. It's a personal favorite of mine, along with "Close My Eyes" from the "Butterfly" album.

I understand that this album also has a touch of cliche-ness. Perhaps Heartbreaker was very "radio-friendly," by hey, the remix is hard-core and very well arranged, might I add. And so maybe "Thank God I found You" is a little surfing into the world of boy bands, but the lyrics came from the heart, and definantly were not made up at all. She meant it when she said The hurt from the heartache/ would not subside/ I felt like dying/ until you saved my life. Everything in that song was obviously (maybe too obviously) for Luis Miguel, her boyfriend. It's a sweet song, what can you do? I personally have a soft spot for sweet songs, I don't know about you. I think every artist is allowed one of those in each album. You know, in between the grundge and the rebellious music.

Now let me see, what did I miss? Right, "Can't Take That Away!" Now, this is not your typical pop ballad. It's actually going towards gospel (I swear I am not the only one who thinks so, look it up), because of it's rebellious roots. Her voice is so determined, that she actually is describing her feelings by just letting her voice ring. It's beautiful what her voice can do, and I believe she used is better in this song than any other I've ever heard. Although it is Hero-esque, it is somewhat different. The tone of voice she uses and the attitude she uses to sing is much different and a huge improvement. It is no longer a cliche in my book, but I don't know about your book.

And then there's "Bliss." Can we say sex-song. Yeah, a little too deep into the mind of a person. But then again, it's very nicely described. Okay, let's not go there. Point is, it has R&B flavors, and does not feel like pop to me at all. At least not compared to the teeny whatevers you hear on the radio constantly. I know you grammy people can't descriminate against the teeny boppers, but give me a break, don't tell me you love listening to it 24/7 on your radio. Like you have no life...seriously. Listen to Metallica or Nirvana or Alanis for heavens sake. I even enjoy that stuff. I mean one or two pop songs in a week ar okay, but you need your dose of Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, STP, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, No Doubt and MARIAH CAREY! I'm not one of those people that are clueless about other types of much. I really honestly do like STP and Diana Ross a lot. Gotta love those classic Motowns! But I can't live without Mariah Carey. She has touched me and many of US in so many ways, you have no idea.

It was absolutly dreadful to watch that 1996 Grammy's where she went home with zero out of her 6 nominations. I mean zip, nada, NOTHING! I think it's pretty sad, since Alanis left the music scene already, and she was the one who beat Mariah. I'm not even sure why, because they're definantly not the same category in music.

That's another thing, by the way, since I'm at it.

SO PLEASE WORK WITH ME PEOPLE! GRAMMY PEOPLE! Please just do me a tiny little favor and think of Mariah a little. Whether it be a second, two, or a few minutes, or perhaps hours if you're really good, whatever, just include her, at least in your nominations.

I don't want to see in the history books later in life: MARIAH CAREY- born in 1970, married and divorced Tommy Mottola, 37 (I'm guessing here) American Music Awards, 20 World Music Awards, 32 Billboard Music Awards, 19 Soul Train Awards, and 2 Grammy Awards.

SORRY! That doesn't work for me. Please, I'd like to see her win a few more awards. What more does she have to do as an artist, a writer and producer??? Does she have to stick around for 10 more years to get 2 more awards, maybe 10 years for only 1 award? I know Grammies are really special and everything, and that is why I want her to have more, more special awards.

Maybe it's because the entire music industry (people who vote) are quite angry with her for switching styles, or maybe it's connected to Tommy Mottola divorce thing, but whatever the case, I want to see her get nominated this year, and MAYBE, just MAYBE even actually finally win one!!!

Thank you very much if you read this far. This little essay is truly classic, I suggest you keep it, print it out, show it to your son or daughter someday as an example of a well-written essay.

SO, think MC!

Love Always, Yours VERY Truly,
Julie Han

PS: I'll be waiting for those nominations, she better be in them!!!

OMG, Julie! I'm printing this out to show it for our son and daughter (when we have one)!

Saturday, September 2 - 2000
Mariah photos!

Kaori from the site LOVE LOVE JACK sent three cool pictures:

Chris sent me two Mariah artworks:

Michelle looooooves to make wallpapers and here are some of her works:

Ophelie sends me lots of nice pictures:

What a coincidence, Jhonnel from Tokyo just sent me about this picture:

He writes:
I was watching the tv and then i saw this new Nescafe commercial.And at first i saw a kinda like a Street fighter kinda commercial but then i noticed that it was Mariah!!!And i was so surprise!Mariah has.. i think 3 different images there.The first one is that she was fighting and kinda have a super power and she blast Sanma(A famous comedian here in japan)It was really cool and on the next image she was playing soccer and she is the one who kicks the ball.She is so cute there!!I couldnt remeber the clothes that she was wearing coz i just seen it a few minutes ago and ive only seen it once so i cant remember.And on the next image she is playing a racing game and she is the one who is racing and she is holding a Playstation joystick and she was wearing a silver kinda sporty dress and very short pants.And all the she said is i think its Ai! or Aw! she is so sexy there.If i only know how to make the commercial in video file.I will send it to you but I couldnt and my pc is in bad shape.But i hope that a big mariah carey fan here in japan could send it to you.Well,i think thats all bye!!!!!!!

Okay, there are not so many new Mariah photos, she is hiding in Toronto in fact! PLEASE send me photos from the movie location, if you live in Toronto I might give it to you =) Fadi makes some beautiful wallpapers:

This wallpaper is from Tariq who is leaving for a 4 months trip today, good luck!

Tavie made a nice drawing using crayons!

rayan likes to make changes of Mariah pictures, and here are two of them:

Darina from Czech Republic made some really beautiful Mariah drawings, that almost look like in a cartoons series! Btw did you know that there have been several cartoon series magazines with Mariah in USA? My friend Ken has some of them, but I never saw any pictures from them. Here are Darinas nice pictures:

All the last pictures are of alternative Mariah covers for albums and pictures, those first ones from Hontasy:

My magicgirl from the site Exclusive Mariah made this ATG artwork:

Rayan also wants to try on the ATG cover:

Vincent, from the site MC Shining Star sent me an alternative Rainbow cover:

My Mariah Diary partner (she owns 10% =) Candice made some really great covers and here are 5 of them, they are all excellent!!

Lastly I wanna say to those who buy CD's on Ebay or Yahoo, it's not that hard to make a fake CD-cover and make your own CD in a CD maker. Don't pay ridiculous amounts of money for those! They cost at the most $5 to make, but I've seen people bid houndreds of dollars for them. Also, anytime I see a fake CD I report it to Ebay and tell them to take it off, please do that you too.

Saturday, September 2 - 2000
Various news

First I need to tell about Madonna and #1, she didn't make it this week, but she will most likely do it next week! I think that means 1 #1 for Madonna since 1995? Mariah has had 7 I think =) Whitney has had 1, Celine has had 3 and Janet 3 too. Well, I'm not sure about that, if someone wants to correct me go ahead.

Zach from the site Mariah 411 Confidential sent me a cool gift, click here to see it. (He has left that stupid Anti-Mariah 4 group now.)

Ricardo L. Garay made a petition we all need to support! He writes:
"Let's Get Mariah A Freakin' Grammy Again!!!"
hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

mariahforchrist saw a weird thing on MTV Total Request yesterday:
Today on MTV's Total Request Live, Brian McFadden, an MTV News veejay, showed some footage of him interviewing the music tastes of some taxi drivers. He used a Digital Video Player to show the videos of the artists and to ask them who they were. Brian asked one taxi driver (one who is not from this country) who the artist was in one particular video that he was showing, and he said it was Mariah Carey. He also stated how much he likes Mariah Carey, and emphasized that towards that video. The video that was being shown during that time was NOT anything of or related to Mariah Carey! So what video was it? It was Britney Spears' "Oops!... I Did It Again" video! Otherwords, he was mistakening Britney for Mariah. Uhhh, I don't think so! LOL Evidently, he wasn't too familiar with who the artists were! You don't mistake Mariah for anyone, especially a teen pop star!

I mistake Mariah for teen popstar Billie! She looks pretty alike!

This is from someone called Miss Mariah:
From: " Fan Clubs"
Subject: Calling All Fans

Calling all music freaks:  Think you’re a big music fan?  Prove it! Why does your favorite artist rule?!? Why are you the ultimate fan?? Do you have any collections, shrines or brushes with greatness?

  Tell us right now at:

If you live in the New York City area and have what it takes, you might find yourself on TV in a VH1 Promotion.

  **Please fill out the subject box of your email with the name of your favorite ARTIST/GROUP followed by the word FAN and then your FIRST NAME.** Example - Subject:  “MARIAH CAREY FAN/ANDERZ”  

Please make sure to include your full name, address and phone numbers (daytime and nighttime.)

So all NYC area kids, get writing!!

Here's some great news to all Asian fans of Mariah:
*** Today (1/9) on Channel [V] International's Launch Pad (the show for new music videos), they showed Crybaby!!!!!!!! So I hope everyone that can receive Channel [V] International to catch the repeat On
Sunday 1130/1830 Phil/
1230/1930 Mal/Jap
Monday 1630 Phil/ 1730 Mal/Jap

Since it's the first video being aired, so be punctual in watching. The VJ Asha actually describe Mariah as the clothing challenged and called her Missy Mariah. She also said Mariah did a good rnb and that the VJ also wants the touch-screen phone in the video.

Also watch out for the show New Music
Sunday 0900 Phil/ 1000 Mal/Jap
Thursday 1630 Phil/ 1730 Mal/ Jap

Watch it and vote on Top 5 at 5

Also I suggest viewers of Channel [V] Asia & Channel [V] India to keep their eyes open too because the Top 10 Sexiest Videos will air on September 9th @ 21:30 Malaysia /Japan and repeats on Sept 12th @ 12:30am & Sept 24th @ 12:00pm Since Honey is on the voting list, we should watch and see how it goes.

Friday, September 1 - 2000
Thanx from Anderz

I just need to say thanx to some special people who surprised me today and made me a really nice gift, it made me happy. I wanna thank:
Remarkable Regina
Juicy Jasmine
Mallorca Meski
Lovely Lisa
Mistress Maya
Divaluscious Daphne
Charming CAT
Joyful Jennifer (Browni)
Excellent Ernie Fong
Magnificent Moni
Cool Candice
Elegant Evie (HeroChop)
Latino Luna
Jazzy Jon (Jonny823)
Dandy Dreamlover (Daniel)
Beautiful Brittany
Radiant Raquel
Mama-mia Maria (Lamby)
Lustful Liron
Amazing Almu

Friday, September 1 - 2000
Derek about Mariah

This is from the site Mariah Carey Archives
Here is a message from EM Jeter:
Hey. You can probally tell by my screen name that I am a big Derek Jeter fan (and also a HUGE Mariah fan). Anyways, I wanted to let you know that Derek has a new book coming out that he wrote called "The Life You Imagine." It is supposed to be an ispirational book to help people go for their goals in life. In the NY Post there was an excerpt from the book about Mariah. He said "we met in 1996, were friends, dated for 6 months and weren't close to getting engaged as reported." He goes on to say that Mariah is a beautiful person and goes on about that and then talks about her dream to be a singer and her rise to achieve that goal. There is this girl that is supposed to be typing it up, so if she does, I will mail it to you, if you want it. Love, Peace and Dance!

Sounds interesting! If anyone has the book, please mail me everything what he writes about Mariah!

Click here for August news.